The Black Ivories

The Black Ivories


A piano-led, sax-squealing indie rock&roll five-piece from the unlikely town of Doncaster.


We are The Black Ivories; a piano-rolling, sax-squealing five piece from the unlikely town of Doncaster. We formed mid 2009 and have played around forty gigs since, including a support slot with The Magic Numbers in front of a 500 strong crowd at Doncaster Live Festival.

Our band consists of piano and vocals, sax/clarinet, guitars/banjo, double bass and drums. Because of the line-up our sound is unique and very different to anything out there at the moment. Our instruments are often changed during the set so we have quite a broad sound covering anything from 60s R&B (think The Sonics and The Stones) to ragtime and motown. However, it's all strung together with pop sensibilities.