the black list

the black list

 Wayne, Michigan, USA

high energy rock that draws its inspiration from punk rock, such as sonic youth and fugazi; with that detroit feeling within. catchy, yet powerful.


the black list are known as one of detroit's most impressive live bands. the album is great, but live is where its at for these guys. from their first show in early '06 the goal was to be the best live band possible. a blur of energy from the first chord to the final note (with a few jokes and thoughts thrown in between songs). strongly influenced by their detroit forefathers, such as MC5 and the stooges, they also draw much inspiration from bands ranging from nirvana to the ramones. what do they all have in common? the pop song turned up to 11.


the beginning of the end (2007)
7" single releasing 6/2010
new full length album releasing 8/2010
tracks can be heard on numerous internet radio shows and songs from the album are in regular rotation on RIFF2, 101.1 on HD radio in detroit metro area. also 4-5 songs are on at all times.

Set List

set list varies depending on what is needed. if opening for a larger band, 30 minutes is common. headlining or co-headlining shows are usually 1 hour, however have went on for 90 minutes or so.
1. i'm not sure i understand
2. i don't need you
3. better days
(stop and chat w/ audience)
4. an open letter to the people in charge
5. lights out
6. laughing at you
7. carry the weight
(by now, someone has usually brought shots to the stage for us, so we drink them, thank the person, and make a few lousy jokes)
8. carry on
9. anything you want
10. cover song (we do a good blend. the most popular one for us is "under the sea" from the little mermaid, rockin version obviously. "kiss off" by the violent femmes, "don't talk to me" by gg allin, and "hope" by the descendents are the others we do regularly. ONE PER SHOW unless there is alot of yelling for it from the crowd. detroit has WAY too many bad cover bands.)
11. nothing left
12. watch it slip
13. leave the light on
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