The Black Math Experiment

The Black Math Experiment


An alternative rock band with a dark, bizarre sense of humor in the style of DEVO, The Pixies, and The Flaming Lips. Think of us as The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets The Upright Citizen's Brigade.


The Black Math Experiment is a band of questionable taxonomy from Houston, TX. Known for their dark, bizarre, and humorous music, they’ve grown slowly into an underground sensation since their inception in 2004. Their first album, Fake Words and Signs From Space, became infamous for it’s offbeat sarcas-hymn “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”. The song’s subject thought highly enough of the track to thank BME with a box of cupcakes, a 1965 Ford Econoline van, and a visit to Houston while on tour promoting his film The Tripper. He was subsequently made an honorary member, is always represented at shows by a framed photograph surrounded by candles.

Their second album, 2005’s Last Transmission from the Blue Room, also yielded a number of tracks that managed to become well known in bizarre ways. “Ology” entered the kindergarten curriculum in a pre-school in Hsinchu, Taiwan, while the Western Epic, “Evil Wizard Jesus” almost resulted in the band’s bodily removal from a festival at The University of Saint Thomas. The album marked the end of the band’s original line up, as keyboardist Chris Soliz left upon its completion to pursue other projects.

The next album, All You Need is Blood, was both shorter and more somber to reflect the remaining members troubled lives in 2007. It’s final track, “Suit of Lights” became one of their most powerful pieces, and currently serves as the finale at shows, with Christmas presents being thrown to the audience during it’s extended guitar solo.

Wishing to add to their collection of strange artist to share the stage with, a collection that includes Peelander-Z, The Billy Nayer Show, and Psychostick, BME entered an essay contest to open for The Misfits on their 2007 30th Anniverscary Tour, beating out hundreds of applicants. Once the curtain closed, however, bassist Captain Mongo Nelson left the band to return to Minnesota. He was replaced with Justin Nemeti. The Black Math Experiment still resides in Houston, and is currently at work on their fourth studio album.


2005 - What We Do... Is Secret EP
2005 - Fake Words and Signs From Space
2006 - Last Transmission from the Blue Room
2007 - Test Results: Anthology 2004 - 2006
2007 - All You Need is Blood

Various tracks have played on KPFT, KTRU, KTBZ, KACC, and several alternative radio showcases in Wisconsin, California, and New York.

Set List

Typical set list is 45 Minutes long of original music and covers.

Dirty - A fast and hard glam rock track.

Science Fiction Double Feature - A cover of the pening song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show done in a punk rock style.

Ology - A poppy children's song about religion and geometry.

Every Five Minutes - A rock song with spoken word lyricals mocking various metal bands.

Everyone is Gay - A poppy track about feeling left out.

The New Black - An electro tribal piece

Closer - A NIN cover done in a country swing style.

Ohio - Another keyboard driven track in the style of the Talking Heads

Molly's Walk - A fast punk song

You Cannot Kill David Arquette - Our most popular track. A fast scream along tribute to the actor.

Suit of Lights - An epic length rock song about divorce and zombies.