The Blackout Beat Production Company

The Blackout Beat Production Company


The Blackout Beat is a full service production company that creates original and ground breaking music for artists all over the globe. The Blackout Beat's unique sound is hard to fit into one category. Reggaeton, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and New Wave genres have all been touched by The Blackout Beat


The Blackout Beat is a full service production company. The Blackout Beat offers top notch, original, and professional music production, song writing, and music publishing services. The Blackout Beat also offers music marketing services, event planning, and artist development/ consulting services.

The Blackout Beat was started in 2002 by Marcos Garibay immediately after his high school graduation. Marcos also started a lawn service to fund the young production company. Eventually, lawn mowing and many fundraisers led to a professional studio. However, it took a few more years before Marcos and his brother Armando developed their signiture sound that attracts recording artists from all over the country. In the last 3 years Marcos and Armando have produced several songs for many artists from places that include Puerto Rico, Boston, California, and New York City. During this time Marcos and Armando have also released several successful mixtapes, including the very successful This is NOT The Revolution Mixtape, which is currently being listened to in over 16 countries, including the US, the UK, Japan, and Russia!

Marcos and Armando have also made a name for themselves by the events that they have organized. Havana Night, The White Party, and The Lights Out Concert, and Dancing With The Coyotes were all very successful in 2007. These events have enriched the cultural diversity of South Eastern Colorado while spreading Marcos and Armando’s sound.

One event that occurs more regularly is Salsa Night. For the last 3 years Marcos Garibay has DJ’d, promoted, and organized Pueblo, Colorado’s only Salsa Night, playing the hottest Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton.

By looking further back it would seem that music and entertainment has been in the Garibay brother’s blood for more than the 5 years of Blackout...

Marcos and Armando grew up as start dancers in their mother, Ramona Garibay’s dance company, Ballet Colores Latinos. The group performed regional Mexican Folklorico, Aztec, Salsa, Merengue, Zoot Suit, Tango, Hip Hop, and Flamenco. Unfortunately Ballet Colores Latinos came to a tragic end in 1998 as three of the groups members died (Ramona Garibay, Mallory Gonzales, and Virgina Chavez) in a one car accident on the way home from a out of state performance in Kansas.

Currently Marcos and Armando are busy promoting The Blackout Revolution album while working in the studio with their artists Lexie and Reflecshaun. The Blackout Beat plans to release a Reflecshaun mixtape and album by the end of the year.

Events, music production, and more live performances are in the near future for The Blackout Beat. Marcos and Armando have also begun reaching out to other artists in hopes of securing new production jobs or deals.


Singles From - The Blackout Revolution:
- Can't Let Go
- Sippin Dippin
- Just A Touch
- Mirame
- Before I Go
- Infatuation

Singles From - Radio Edit: The Reflecshaun Mixtape:
- She Got It Made

Singles From - This is NOT The Revolution, The Mixtape:
- Before I Go Remix
- Your Pain

Set List

Hyped Introduction Song: Sometimes a mix of popular Blackout Beat Produced songs or a hyped chant/ add lib over a popular song on the radio.

Sippin Dippin
Just A Touch
Before I Go
Can't Let Go
After U Left
What's Done is Done
Turn That Shit Up
She Got it Made
Average Dude
Cover blend of popular songs
Average Remix