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The Black Shade

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"The Black Shade: Pure Passion"

The Black Shade. Some may think of them as just a local hardcore band, but if you ask me “Band of Bearded Bastards” is a far more accurate description. And I’m not talking about a little stubble; I’m talking about Zakk Wylde style full-on beard. Then I looked into the crowd… MORE BEARDS! It’s a total massacre of beards—must be a Manassas thing (which is where this band is from). It was awesome since we were actually in DC at Black Cat this past Sunday and there were so many people there to support these guys.

So on to the music. The Black Shade is not your stereotypical, bar-chord playing, one-liner punk bands. Their hardcore riffs and loud screaming coupled with melodic tunes and softer vocals make them a great hardcore band to sing along with, much like The Unseen (album: “So This is Freedom?”). They’re passionate, and yet even though they don’t move much on stage, they make the crowd want to jump up and throw their fists into the air—like they ask you to in their songs “La Liga de Campeones” or “Champions League.” I’ll break it down for you… Group… of… talented… bearded… musicians.

One thing is for sure—this band is loved. The crowd was moshing, singing-along, hugging, maybe even crying a little. It was really great to finally see a local show and the crowd actually enjoying themselves just as much as the band performing. (Even if the bassist’s A string was out of tune for the first couple of songs.) I mean this crowd had to have known every word to every song that was played.

Perhaps the only downside to the performance was the bassists’ vocals, which were from time-to-time a bit out of tune. But his passion totally made up for it. The rest of the band (who also all sing) were not to be outdone, and also displayed their love of their music so completely passionately. I know I’m saying passionate a lot, but really that’s what this band is about. Pure Passion. Take THAT H20!

Their album ‘Nova’ is out now, featuring “Interview With A Manpire,” a favorite of the crowd’s, I felt. Available for download and purchase on most music retailer Web sites. You can find out more about them at Check It! -


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