The Black Sleep
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The Black Sleep

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Zombie Box Review by Aiden"

3/24/2012 Aiden
The Black Sleep rose from the ashes of Adam’s Evil, and though the Black Sleep are going in a vastly different musical direction, it is a fine direction indeed! Usually billed as a Psychobilly band, I think this does not really do justice to The Black Sleep. They are more refined, with quite eclectic influences, reminding me of performers such as Mather Louth. The Black Sleep can clearly throw down a party, too!
“Ballad in Hep C” has a steady, hypnotic bass line that drives the song nicely. The guitar has a exquisite retro sort of sound, cool and sophisticated, reminiscent of Chris Isaak, but balanced with biting salvos that lend a contemporary, gritty feel. The vocals are simply marvelous. Sarah veers deftly between a Hot Jazz ’20's sort of sound and a fetching rockabilly “whoa-ooah” chorus.
“Choke and Die” begins with a slow gripping, guitar line that picks up Sarah’s sultry and evocative vocals on the way. “I don’t want your sympathy/I’ve just had too much to drink“. Percussion is dexterous and dead on, while the bass maintains a perfect cadence. Just under three minutes into the song, the levee breaks, no, it shatters, as the bass and guitar suddenly turn magnificently discordant, while the lead vocals take an epic and gripping turn, like a ’49 Cadillac coupe on a dangerous Nevada curve. The guitar solo is superb. Her seductive, yet classy, slightly drawn out “oh-oah’s” are perfect, and she ends the song with a perfect sigh. I have a sudden urge to put on my three piece suit and fedora, then go steal a DeSoto Firedome.
The next track, “Guns”, titled after a subject dear to me, picks up the pace, with a fine retro bass line and guitar that suddenly turns rattlesnake vicious. I love the fullness of the guitar here, the slight echo effect on the bass, and the backing vocal exclamations. There is a cool Noir Western feel to this song, low and mysterious, in an interesting Marty Robbins meets the Cramps way. Sarah’s vocal range is superbly demonstrated.
- Midnight Calling

"Zombie Box Review by Mick Mercer"

Reviews of Zombie Box EP
3/7/2012 Mick Mercer The frustrating thing about the staggeringly good debut EP is just that. It’s an EP and you instantly want more, with its fascinating musical mixture and engagingly twisted vocals which gives you a modern version of classic early 80’s Cowpunk with a new, knowing allure.
‘Guns’ has a wonderful restless energy due to the sprawling guitar, but the space that the guitar also allows with subtle harmonic touches, and the stand-up bass glowing alongside pattering drums means the seemingly fragile but fundamentally feisty vocals spring out. Imagine a cross between Zombina & The Skeletones and Blood on The Saddle and you’re getting dangerously close.
‘Into The Grave’ also has that slyly scampering rhythm and sliding punky vocal urgency, through a melodic assault course with Sarah Deathriage rightly ruling the rapacious roost. ‘Ballad In Hep-C’ is a looser caper, the lugubrious bass of El Chuy and softly sensitive drums of Dubs setting the song up for repeated bristling charges, through which Mouse Kuhtier’s rounded, inquisitive guitar pokes. It’s an antagonistic ragbag of influences settling down with charming equanimity, gentility and grappling intermingled.
‘Choke And Die’ has a saucy sway like a psychobilly lounge hybrid, a sort of Stray Cat Strop, with some dreamy pop nonsense for a chorus, as Sarah keeps you hooked with her measured, mocking delivery and some supremely ghostly guitar beauty to appreciate. ‘Zombie Box’ then creates a magnificent close with more ache to the scathing vocals, with bolder drums, casually creepy guitar and solemn bass shadow, as they adopt a classic rising chorus, falling back into a scintillating sterile landscape, from which they break forth to froth, fiendishly.
- Mick Mercer


EP Zombie Box 2011

Full Album Scheduled Release Spring 2013



The Terror Drug That Wakes the Dead!
Named after the 1956 cult movie classic, The Black Sleep started taking form in spring 2011. Sarah Deathriage and Mouse Kuhtier musical partners in crime wanted to try something different. After one drunken night they had an idea, “What if we played with a stand-up bass?” and so they started the hunt for a stand-up bass player, only to unwittingly respond to an add posted by former friend/band mate, El Chuy. Even though El Chuy had a brief stint in DeSade years ago, it was truly fate and the first writing sessions of The Black Sleep had this amazing chemistry. The trio however were not so fortunate with drummers and after a few months of trying out people, it was Dubs that was the natural fit. In less than 30 days, these veteran musicians rehearsed, rewrote, got tight and became something completely new. Donned "Cow-Punk-Noir" by a regular fan. Immediately, The Black Sleep began working hard to be seen all over the Phoenix area while simultaneously recording their debut EP "Zombie Box" released December 16, 2011 The Black Sleep plan to continue evolving, writing, playing shows and pushing the envelope and carving their own sound into the music wall.
Zombie box available on I-Tunes and also add us on Facebook, MySpace and reverb nation.