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The Black Stars

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos




To see a collection of scanned print publicity please got to and follow the link to Press. - The Black Stars


Turn up the amplifier and head to the bomb shelter. The Black Stars are now available at a missile silo near you. After you’ve experienced their crash course in kickass, your energy will have shrivelled. All of it will have gone full throttle into pumping your fist and banging your hair at their all-out, smash-up punkfest. They’re jumping out, drum sticks blazing, ready to rock through your solar system.

Their songs are like a step into the underground. Almost always they’ll start with a riff or startling drum solo that makes your brain cells perk up. The effect they have on your ears is massive. Like the sensation of striking liquid gold; it all gushes out and sinks through the pores, like you’re watching ink get absorbed in your skin.

Though they have some killer EPs showcasing their talent, their first full length album is only coming out, as they say on their Facebook page ‘mid 2010'. Can’t wait to see how all that unspoiled energy juice comes together!

Just when you thought there was no more good punk revival out there, two blokes and one miss from down under suddenly fall into your line of vision. They have the potential to become a lifestyle, synonymous to mornings like caffeine and cigarettes.

If the Beat Generation was assigned a soundtrack, The Black Stars would be a definite candidate. When you listen you may feel zapped up but misdriven, as if motivated to do something drastic, but unsure of what you’re going to do. Soon all that unfocussed animation will just go into dancing, and you’ll feel the joy come back to sunsets.

I long to get rock and roll whiplash from The Black Stars, up close and personal.

Best of all, the message they slam in their performance is one they roll with off the stage. All that rebellion and energy isn’t just put into rocking, but doing good deeds. They’re fiends to the slimy corporations, and friends to the animals. In fact, on their Myspace, their last blog entry was in protest of allowing hunters in the national parks of Australia. Fingers like lightning, and spirits that are as selfless as they are sweet –that’s what I’m talking about!

Go on now, and download their tracks from Itunes. But before you do that, take a peek at one of their older songs Alright Baby, with a vid that shows you don’t need a steel contract to make a sweet music video. Though I do warn you: playing this video may cause your monitor to spark.


"Paul Mac and Daniel Johns"

"...the music that you have created and given us is absolutely brilliant!! Hope to see you around more..." -

"The Black Stars EP Review"

rating: 7/10

Another example of the great Australian idea of getting out and giving it a go, The Black Stars are a band from the Lismore area who are getting fuck all support from radio, TV, record companies and everyone else except for BLUNT magazine. But do you reckon it stops them from playing gigs? Nope, and as I write this review you cannot drive around the North Coast of NSW without seeing a poster for an upcoming Black Stars gig. Such dedication and self belief has to be admired. Rather than waiting for the mountain to come to Mohammed in terms of support and acceptance, these three committed musos are climbing the mountain. Sound and songwise they are intrinsically Australian, and, though they may not dig the comparisons, sound like Spy Vs Spy, the Radiators and at times even the Angels. It's an Australian pub rock interpretation of punk rock, which is a little out of vogue at the moment . But somehow I don't reckon that'll bother these Black Stars. JS

- BLUNT Magazine, Australia

"The Black Stars - EP Review"

Debut from Lismore's newest rock thangs.

The self-titled debut EP from Lismore trio The Black Stars is the sound of the Australian music underground. Underpinned by furious buzzsaw guitar and a deft pop-sensibility. The Black Stars' debut is like taking a trip back to the '90s indie explosion, albeit with a slightly harder edge. Wasted In Numbers and Best Of Me are intense wall-of-sound, garage rockers brimming with energy, before the EP's standout A Stroll With Dilemma shows a more focussed effort at crafting a catchy pop song. With a subtle radio-friendly anthemia and a hefty dose of infectious pop riffing. The Black Stars have crafted an EP that feels not only nostalgic but incredibly refreshing. Diverse yet somehow cohesive, let's hope we hear a bit more of The Black Stars. - RAVE Magazine, Brisbane, Australia

"Music from a Dark Star"

The Black Stars have found themselves being heralded as the next big thing. After three years of playing together they've emerged with an impressive debut EP, Wasted In Numbers produced by Phil McKellar, renowned for his work with Spiderbait, Grinspoon and The Dirty Three. You don't just luck out on scoring a world class producer. That's something most bands would sell their nanna for. Producers choose you. Getting the greenlight from Phil has been a foot in the door.

I had a quick chat with drummer, Regan about pulling in a producer like Phil.

"We sent off a home demo and he got back to us and said he wanted to do it. It was like a dream come true. He's so renowned for what he does and we've been doubly pleased that he's been able to do it. We are hoping to launch the CD nationallly, we're really trying to build up a fan base....unfortunately the growth in Myspace coincided with the increase in petrol prices, so it can be expensive to go and touch base!"

They've received impressive accolades, with Paul Mac and Daniel Johns raving 'the music that you have created and given us is absolutely brilliant!! We hope to see you around more....'

Matchbox recordings in the UK has called it "nice crisp, punk-modern rock style that goes for the throat".

According to Regan the music is hard to pigeon-hole and the album could be best decribed as 'a ballad, moving to really visceral guitar tracks and then a really poppy track.'

There's a great tradition of hard playing bands with energetic female drummers. In an industry that tends to objectify women and have them at the centre as singers, it always turns the table when the only woman in the band is behind the drum kit.

Chris Harding on vocals and Ian Burrell on bass are both formerly from Sydney and have well and truly found their feet in this latest incarnation. Find out for yourself why people like Magic Dirt, Celibate Rifles, Antiskeptic and Giants Of Science have invited them on board as support.

They launch their new EP at the Hotel Great Northern on Friday. - Byron Shire Echo, May 2006

"No Faux Hawks Here!!! The Black Stars"

Alright all you punks out there it's time to spike up your mohawks with jelly crystals and start jivin as these guys will toss you out by your ear if you don't, or if you rock up in your pastel polo with your collar up. THE BLACK STARS define the essence of garage punk. So much so that you will feel like 'London is Calling' or Sid is about to jump out and have a spack attack right in your face. After citing all their similarities with such 'punk icons'. THE BLACK STARS do have their own indiefinable sound.

Their EP is a great listen and even manages to combine pianos with some pretty punk guitars and acidic beats at some stage. These guys are on track to become Triple J's new unearthed project. Their profile (listed below) has had more hits than a smackie in Columbia and their tracks more play than Warnie.

So just forget about where you live and what you do for 5 and pretend you are some punk ruling your turf with your crew right behind you. Yeah that's it. Oooooh is it cold in here or is it just me?

This tasty sandwich by stuey. - Sandwich Club, Sydney, Australia


Elementary - debut album produced by Magoo (Regurgitator, Powderfinger, Gin Club) set for release September 2011

Money or Your Life - follow up EP 2008 produced by Phil McKellar released April 2008 through Green Media/ Sugarrush

The Black Stars - debut self-titled 5 track EP produced by Phillip McKellar (Grinspoon, Silverchair, Kisschasy). Released April 10 2006 through MGM.



2011 is set to be a blast for Byron Bay rock trio The Black Stars who are currently gearing up for the release of their first full length album titled Elementary. The Stars debut LP has been crafted by iconic producer Magoo at the infamous Blackbox studios in Brisbane and is ready for release in 2011.

Elementary follows two highly successful EP's produced by Phil
McKellar (Silverchair, Grinspoon) in 2006 and 2008 and were released through MGM and Brisbane indie label Sugarrush. The singles from the EP’s gained radio attention and airplay from Triple J along with community radio around Australia, notably being featured on Richard Kingsmill’s personal program 2008 and cracking the station top ten at Brisbane's 4ZZZ on more than one occasion. Videos accompanying the singles also made their way onto TV for multiple spins on RAGE, FUEL TV, Music Jungle and various other programs on both commercial and community stations.

Industry buzz around the release earnt the band the opening slot on the main stage at Splendour in the Grass 2008 alongside international acts DEVO, The Music, Sigur Ros, Wolfmother and more. Splendour also brought to a close the official release tour of their second EP Money or Your Life which included a show with US heavyweights HELMET and guest slots on the national Devil's Kitchen Tour.

2009-10 saw the band knuckle down and focus on the recording of their debut album with Magoo at Blackbox with the album emerging from mastering late 2010. The Stars kicked off 2010 with a pre-release East Coast tour and are currently negotiating a release and publishing deals with a high profile Australian independent label.