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The best kept secret in music


"“Stunning…a breakthrough album of breathtaking American rock ‘n roll.”"

“…their arresting self-produced release, The Legend of Simon Peter”.

“Truly outstanding guitar work evokes the smoothness of Mark Knopfler; the fantastically varied song structure pays homage to the likes of Lennon and McCartney.”

"“These guys have rich lyrics and a rich sound.""

“It reminded me of that classic rock sound I yearned for from Christian musicians when I was in college.”

“These guys have rich lyrics and a rich sound. If you're like me, you will appreciate the rich lyrics and good rock-n-roll these guys crank out (they reminded me of Tom Petty). Top that off with their clear heart for worship and you have a group that deserves attention from music lovers.”

"“Listening to The Blackstones is like cruising back through rock and roll history.”"

“Listening to the Pacific Northwest’s Blackstones is like cruising back through rock and roll history.”

“The 5-piece Blackstones bring a nice mix of 70s rock and modern garage rock topped with gritty vocals. Get ready to time travel: “Can’tSeemtoSober”s Santana strings, “FavoriteTune”s Lou Reed vocals over the Dead’s guitars, and “Comeback” is pure Neil Young.”

""I don't see any faults in The Legend of Simon Peter.""

“Aaron LaMere's gritty vocals, combined with the clean-driving guitars reminiscent of Third Day's Brad Avery, The Elms' Thom Daugherty, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell, provides a perfect music picture. I don't see any faults in The Legend of Simon Peter... I can only imagine The Blackstone's live show; if it retains the musical caliber and worshipful heart, it cannot be anything but amazing.” -


1. "Project one" -ep 2001
2. "Food for the Ravens" -ep 2001
3. "Tremolo Cowboys" full length 2002
4. "Faith, Bones, Hope" -ep 2003
5. "Various and b-sides" online-ep release 2004
6. "The Legend of Simon Peter" Full length 2005
7. "The Blackstones-ep" ep-length release 2006

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Armed with a fan base from having played for five and a half years previously as “The Tremolo Cowboys”, the new band “The Blackstones” is creating a stir in the Christian Music Scene of the Pacific Northwest.

“We’ve gone through a kind of revolution in the last two years. As The Tremolo Cowboys we’d kind of defined ourselves; I wanted to mess with the definition a little bit, mess with the type of band we were,” songwriter Aaron LaMere explains. “I didn’t want The Blackstones to create an album that you would order off a menu... Like 'I'll take a main course of Tom Petty, with a side of The Rolling Stones and an extra side of Delirious?' In some ways I felt like The Tremolo Cowboys’ self-titled record was like that. With this new album, The Legend of Simon Peter, I wanted to break away from any kind of programmed idea about what kind of band we were. God has begun to speak to me about what we’re saying as a band, about the history—the legacy—we’ll leave behind, and how important words are. This album contains five year’s worth of material and has a lot more strife and toil. It’s not the standard, straightforward worship album by any means.”

The Blackstones released their debut cd in October of 2005 and it has already earned some high critical praises. The new cd is a twelve song effort titled “The Legend of Simon Peter”. “The new record is something a bit different than anything we’ve done in the past,” states LaMere. “It’s a true full-length record at twelve songs long and really has a certain amount of rise and fall, mountain and valley, climax and struggle to it rarely seen in Christian indie projects. The subject matter is something different as well,” continues LaMere. “Nearly the entire record is written around this ‘Simon Peter’ type story line that includes Peter’s denial of Christ, some amount of questioning and some amount of answering even… The whole record is written around my idea of what conversation between God and Peter might sound like…

The West Coast, particularly Oregon and Washington, has been an especially prolific musical region for years, which makes The Blackstones even more excited to celebrate their geographic roots. Several prominent bands, both secular and Christian, have arisen from the stereotypically bleak, industrial towns near Longview. Even Longview itself—located between musical hotspots Portland and Seattle—has birthed a number of noteworthy bands.

“There are a lot of believers in this area who are also artists. We come from the same town and the same church as The Rock ‘n’ Roll Worship Circus (who recently changed their name to The Listening). Also, the lead singer of the band Telecast (whose latest album was produced by The Glitter Twins, a.k.a. Solo Greeley and Gabriel Wilson of The Listening) is from Longview also. That’s at least three bands in a national spotlight from the West Coast.”

Like their Longview companions, The Blackstones are unashamed to include worship elements in their music, but, like other regional bands, they are not seeking to isolate themselves by playing only churches and Christian festivals.

“We’ve realized that our fan base is not just Christian. A lot of people out there are not what most people would call ‘Christians’; I would call them ‘believers’—people who aren’t necessarily associated with a church but who believe in God. We’re a band for those people,” LaMere states. “Those are the people who kind of get rescued a little bit by bands like us.”

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