The Black Tie Affair
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The Black Tie Affair

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"Praise For THe Black Tie Affair"

"The Black Tie Affair captures honesty and purity in words and notes and isn't afraid to grab you by the collar and hook you in. Great songwriting accompanied with a genuine air of passion for the subject matter. Extremely soulful." –


"Band Review"

“I’m a fan” –Greg Sweinhardt – The Pale Pacific (Sidecho records)
- Greg Sweinhardt


“The term Black Tie Affair is often used in reference to a gala or ball
of some sort, one that might conjure up images of eloquent men andwomen eating fancy meals in a dimly-lit dinning room or hall of some sort. But perhaps a different understanding of the phrase should be taken from the melodies and lyrics of Jeremy Houtsma and his very ownBlack Tie Affair. Carefully crafted expressions of emotion and desire provide listeners with an intricate view into the world of this soulful
musician and artist. Flirting with and fulfilling every desire of our
precious ears, the tunes produced by this young talent are the stuff of
scandalous late night rendezvous and contacts. The relationship formed between musician and listener, between song and sound, is fancy and formal on the surface but full of temptation and indulgence underneath
of it all. With a sound that will infatuate fans of The Spill Canvas
and others in that genre, the music of the Black Tie Affair will draw
you in with its sophistication but leave you wanting more and more just like you’d expect from any good affair.” - "Chris Corces with Vjera music"
- Chris Corces with Vjera Music

"Edison Glass Review"

“The Black tie affair is for those sick of the pop-punk scene, willing to opt. for something with more meaning than what your used to. Finally something with Less screaming, but doesn’t let up on the intensity and emotion- Josh Morin (Edison Glass EMI/CMG Records)
- Josh Morin of Edison Glass


Winter Nights EP 2205



What do you get when you combine completely honest, soulful lyrics mixed with intrinsic melodies and catchy hooks? You get the music of The Black Tie Affair. The man behind the Black Tie Affair is Jeremy Houtsma, a 22-year-old North Jersey native. Song writing seems to come naturally for Jeremy. Growing up doing worship music in his local church for 4 years, Houtsma decided to start doing some song writing his self in the year 2000. As the lead guitarist and front man of the band Classified, Houtsma took the small experience to a new level when Classified broke up due to Houtsma moving to Oklahoma. During his time in Oklahoma he found himself with no band but the desire to write his heart out and create music that was soulful and artistic.
During his time in Oklahoma he became extremely good friends with the members of Edison Glass (EMI/CMG). Eventually moving back to New Jersey with new material under his belt he opened up for Edison Glass and Chris McLeod at the Edison Glass “Last Goodbye” show. Upon hearing the new material Houtsma had written, Joe Morin of Edison Glass soon approached him about recording a four song EP with the members of Edison Glass as his backing band. In 2005 Jeremy hit the studio under the new name The Black Tie Affair and recorded his four song up coming EP entitled “Winter Nights”. The effect of the recording is a pure acoustic rock EP that captures the struggles and hope in the life we face every day. The EP is set for a release Date in early October.
In the day and age of an overly saturated music market filled with emo and punk bands that sound all too entirely alike, The Black Tie Affair is a breath of fresh air. The music bids you to come and listen to the soundtrack of your own life. That’s who Houtsma is. He’s and ordinary man writing extraordinary music that everyone can enjoy. There’s no hype and glamour in his music just extreme honesty and soul. With the new addition of Mike DeMarco on bass and Jon Garafaloe on drums the Black Tie Affair is more determined then ever to bring the music even closer to you heart.