The Black Void

The Black Void


We're a power garage surf grunge pop band. We're into sex, toasters, the letter V and wasted existence.


Dave and Eckie met outside a large refrigerator just outside Montreal. Both were fairly new in town and were into playing music. So they did, and they do. Originally featuring Jake and Nixon Boyd of Hollerado, The Black Void slimmed to a 3 piece and added Trevor on drums. TBV are known for their raw garage rock energy, unique world perspective, their song about dolphin rape and partial nudity.


Jenny Single (2010)
A) Jenny
B) Writhe

The Black Void (2011)
Available for free download at

Big Black Sex Bag Ep (not yet released)

Jenny has seen some light rotation on CHUO 89.1FM Ottawa.

Set List

It's So Hard
Sink or Swim
Chaos Theory
Yesterday's Clothes
Pirate Museum