The Blagdon Report

The Blagdon Report


Based in Portland, we play edgy, melodic original rock with a textured sound. With our varied dynamics, tempos and styles, we prosper in a wide range of venues and surroundings.


We have been playing edgy, melodic rock in Portland since 2005, at venues such as The Alehouse, Geno's and The Station. Our original music (with a few covers mixed in) features a broad spectrum of sounds and styles. Some of our songs are about American empire, others reflect on the origins of beer or the weather in France. Think of it as Noam Chomsky meets Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert, with guitars. That's why we're called The Blagdon Report. We report, in rich textures, varied dynamics and tempos, and engaging melodies and sounds. Tune in the Blagdon Report -- for all the news that's fit to play.


The Blagdon Report (studio demo); Pax Americana (Federated Artists CD by Jay Blagdon)

Set List

U.S. Bomb
Old Time Technology
Move All the People (Out Of The Way)
Missile Shield
It's a Wonder
The Polls

We can play for 45 to 90 minutes.

Covers may include (but are not limited to) Eight Miles High, Lust For Life, and White Rabbit.