The Blahs

The Blahs


A collection of fuzzd out and cosmic musicians. Songs for the dejected and wishful thinkers. Between fact and fiction and back is The Blahs.


The Blahs were born prematurely in 2003 as a trio of misunderstood musicians. This incarnation of The Blahs struggled to survive around central Pennsylvania for almost a year and recorded one justly underrated E.P. before their untimely disbanding.
Flash forward four years later to 2007. Jeremy moved away from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, PA, yet he returns often and maintains close contact with the central PA scene. Rob was living in Harrisburg, playing in prominent bands, evolving his musical craft, and learning the art of recording. Tired of living in musical exile, Jeremy contacts Rob and suggests reviving The Blahs together. Rob agrees, and the Blahs live again.
Jeremy and Rob worked ceaselessly as a duo without any outside assistance for a year in Chainsaw Studios (aka Rob's house), self-recording a 3-song single entitled ATE 8. This minor release under their fledgling label, ROB JEREMY RECORDS, prompted a larger response than the two had anticipated. Venues were suddenly contacting them to perform live while they were still just two in number.
Rather than hide in the shadows, Rob and Jeremy recruited two trusted friends, Brandon Wise and Kristin Stephens, to complete the band. With the addition of these two versatile musicians The Blahs had truly sprung to life and crossed the line from fiction to fact. They began touring and recording, and after many months produced an E.P. as a whole band, entitled Who Wants Cake?? It is an auditory treat, and a sweet taste of the future as we plan for a full-length album.
The Blahs are functional and ready for operation. We hope you are well. We hope you have The Blahs.


Who Wants Cake? EP - 2009

Set List

Usually all originals with 1 or 2 covers. Sets vary from half hour to an hour.

The Sweet Life
Case of the Blahs
Only Tuesday
Uh Oh Anonymous
Ate 8
Fiction Creek Valley
A Better Picture
and more