the blakes

the blakes


the Blakes are one of a very few bands that combine rock 'n' roll energy with creative melody. A great live act that has to be seen...


The Blakes are a hard hitting, melodic 3 piece rock 'n' roll band with influences ranging from the Kinks, to the Rolling Stones, to T Rex and U2. The Blakes have booked themselves throughout the U.S., have written and recorded dozens of songs and are now working on a full length record due this spring. Their relentless DIY approach has proven effective in establishing a solid reputation and strong fan base amidst the ever thriving and fiercely competitive Northwest music scene. Two Brothers and a longtime friend are the core members and have been working together collaboratively for almost seven years.


The Bottle E.P. 2004
Little Whispers E.P. 2005
Modern Man "unreleased" album 2006
tracks from both of our E.P.'s have been played on various radio stations (independent, college and commercial) around the country.

Set List

After touring the country and writing upwards of 100 songs, we play anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. Please no covers. We will entertain you without covers. PROMISE.