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"The Blame-its Press Clips"

"Sometimes nothing beats a good, old fashioned punk rock band. Edmonton's the Blame-its are a shining example of how to do it right. The Blame-its render punk rock the way it was meant to be done."
- Spencer Brown, Beatroute (Nov 01, 2008)

"I am not sure what the exact ratio would be ,but reaching 12 years has to be pretty huge in band years. Few local groups- hell, few groups at all- get that kind of mileage without derailing somewhere along the way, yet the Blame-its 12 th anniversary is fast approaching."
- Paul Blinov, Vue weekly (Oct 30, 2008)

"The thing that really made me like this release at first was the gritty, bratty vocals. The Blame-its really put out the raw, gravelly quality that is so popular these days in other genres, except they don't sound put on like so much shit that's out there."
- Justin Schneider, Absolute Underground (Aug 01, 2006

"Whether or not you’re a fan of surgery sweet punk rock shouldn't matter, if you like having fun, you'll find something golden in every Blame-its performance"
- Dose, Dose Magazine (Jan 19, 2006)

"The long and short of it is when you see these guys on a bill you are guaranteed a good time. Even the most jaded E-town rockers and crustiest local punkers have been ensnared by the Blame-its party-inducing pop-hooks."
- Silas Grenis, FFWD Magazine (Oct 21, 2004)

"Within minutes of starting, all three blame-its have worked up a considerable sweat. In the true spirit of punk rock and roll,they swagger all over the stage,jump around, and shout their lyrics with unbridled enthusiasm. Their music is original its great - melodic, tight and buzzing with energy"
- Erin Ottosen, The Hinton Parklander (Aug 19, 2002)
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Aug 2004 Freese My Brain Full Lenth 500 Manufactured CDs
March 2006 The Blame-its Shoot The ShitEP 500 Manufactured CDs
May 2009 The Blame-its & Old Wives 7Inch Split record 500 vinyl
February 2010 The Blame-its Panic Plus Planet 12 Inch downloadable Vinyl 500 pressed



In the Rocky Mountain town of Hinton, Alberta, twin brothers Trav and Tye along with their childhood friend Chrispy started the Blame-its in the winter of 1997. After forming the band they spent the next six years promoting all age bi-monthly shows. The Blame-its allowed their hometown to have something a town its size rarely gets to see, a prominent punk scene.
They transplanted themselves to Edmonton in 2003. Since then The Blame-its have released three records, a split 7 inch, a split CD, and have been a part of several compilation projects.
The band has booked, drove, rocked, and lived through nearly a dozen tours within Canada. Over the years they have shared the stage with tons of talented Canadian touring acts as well with punk greats such as Chixdiggit, The Real McKenzies, and Against Me.
After ten years, drummer Chrispy handed over his sticks to long time friend Marco West and took his place up front on rhythm guitar.
With the refreshed line up the Blame-its have spent the last three years touring and playing shows in order to pen enough songs for their latest release Panic Plus Planet. With each release The Blame-its get better and better and with Panic Plus Planet in stores Feb 2010 these boys are going out to prove that its their best album to date.