The Bleeder Project

The Bleeder Project


"From somewhere between Prince, The Cure, and NIN emerges The Bleeder Project. Tight dancable grooves, Lush melodic programming, Downtuned distroted guitars, all converging to create a moody and powerfull backdrop for unforgettable, haunting vocals filled with provocative and insightful lyrics."


The Bleeder Project

From out of the seedy sex clubs, gay dive bars, and the harsh realities of life in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, crawls Gabriel Scott’s new bastard brainchild, the Bleeder Project. Blending social, spiritual and sexual themes with Scott’s own unique style of electronic rock, this new music (which effectively eliminates the lines between DJ culture and Rock & Roll) is dynamic, evocative and speaks to a broad and diverse audience with modern sensibility. “The Bleeder Project ushers in a caustic wave of alt/electronic rock that ignites the mind and washes truth over the soul.”

With the forthcoming release of their new album, “Fear and Insecurity”, Co-Produced by Scott and former band mate and collaborator, Mike Smith (Limp Bizkit, Snot), The Bleeder Project has already begun touring in support with live performances that have been described by fans as being “like a protest march at a rave with BT, Prince, and NIN on the main stage at once!” Early promotion for the new CD has seen the group in recent TV appearances and performances such as the Bay Area’s “S.F. Sound” as well as radio programs like KDVS’s radical show “the Fringe”.

The Bleeder Project includes Gabriel Scott, former front man of the internationally acclaimed underground metal stars “Burning Orange”, with whom he released the 2 most commercially successful of his various sonic explorations of the last 10 years. Frustrated by the limitations of pandering to commercial audiences, Gabriel began work on an experimental noise release with rCostelloe of Iinnion, followed by 2 solo acoustic Ep’s, which included several spoken word pieces, and his 3rd full-length release which continued his stylistic explorations by mixing acoustics, a new found lust for electronics and ambient noise with bitingly honest and personal lyricism. However, with his steadily increasing return to heavier guitars, and a life changing experience during a tour in Japan, when Gabriel visited the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, all of the many seeds that would soon become The Bleeder Project suddenly aligned to clearly point the way toward the future. Upon Gabriel’s return to the states he set out with a new found direction and sense of purpose and immediately began assembling his new band.

The Bleeder Project also features Gabriel’s former band mate from the early years; bassist Rev. R.K. Kräh (an actual ordained minister). One of the true “road warriors” of the music industry Rev. Kräh has been on the road, literally, his whole life. His music career has seen him working on numerous live and studio projects all over the country including the East Coast indie band “Toy Oyster” (with Scott). And guitarist William Y, who is probably best known from his work with the Tokyo based digi-rock band “Japanese Babies” helped form the fundamental core of the live band. With the inclusion of frequent appearances by a mysterious DJ persona, running a varied array of electronic gadgetry, the addition of all these talented performers allows Gabriel the freedom to do a little bit of everything on stage that he does on the recordings and then some. This makes for an amazingly visual and entertaining live performance.

Combining a captivatingly amazing live show with an undeniably infectious sound, the Bleeder Project is an electronic rock party experience that is as fun as it is sexy and as intelligent as it is talented. KDVS’s “DJ Cariad” said it best, “great songs, amazing live, definitely, definitely see this band!”



Written By: Gabriel Scott / The Bleeder Project


There's no seperation between church and state
They both feed on greed and hate
They steal their riches right off your broken back
And It's ok if you starve as long as they stay fat
And that's all that your here for
In incubation our demise lies in wait
If there's too many nervous and too many afraid
To start asking questions
We've learned to turn blind eyes
Besides they're gonna just take it if they want it
Whether graves or lies
Is that all we're here for
Our ignorance IS their power
It's time, It's time, It's time (to wake up!!!)

But that aint what you want to here
and they know that, and they use that
They tell you what you want to here
Then do what ever they want to, To You!!

(No, No, No, No, No)
I don't blame believers
It's those who justify
Spewing nothing but a string of lies
Man!! Don't be such a sucker!
They don't give a fuck about you!
They're gonna use you and use you
Till they're through with you!
And that's all that your here for...


Song of Longing

Written By: Gabriel Scott / The Bleeder Project

Song of Longing

The emotions splender's sweetly absorbed
While internal laughter linger sweetly

I long to say what I can not say
and I can not say what I long to say
Are you reading between the lines?

Is longing once vanquished ever yeilding our union

creepy adlib...
End: have you found what I've tried to hide?


Written By: Gabriel Scott / The Bleeder Project

I don't want to believe the things your telling me
In fact I don't even want to hear what you have to say
I want to be free to believe
what I want to believe
With out the truth getting in the way
It rips away fascades of innocence
Trembling naked before my conscience now I stand
I look around and see, we are ALL guilty
And I will no longer deny the blood upon our hands
I'll no longer choose to feign my ignorance
even though yes, it's true I am afraid
I've been told, I know, what I am is not worth much
But I offer it all to start the rains that bring us change
in my heart I do believe the things your telling me
I seek to heed and live and breathe the things you say
Let your waters wash over me, Mother(emphasized) watch over me
I'm ashamed to wake and see how far away we've stray'd
Don't let me be the only one

Mother please come to me
I feel like I can't breathe
The walls are closing in on me
come to me, I'm ready
Mother if there's something I should see
Then show me, let me please you
If not then please let me leave
Mother, I'm ready
There must be so much more than this
Mother I'm ready
I want to be so much more than this
I'm ready
I'm ready to ascend
Mother I'm ready
I'm ready to Ascend
I'm ready I'm ready
I'm ready to ascend
Oh, Mother I'm ready
(Mother please give me strength, to continue to believe, in the teachings of Dr King, in non violence and peace, to let the fighting cease,
teach me to pursuade with love not hate, If it's not already too late, I'm afraid I've begun to lose my faith, but it seems like love is such a joke in world that's so insane, Mother give me the strength, help things change.... or take me. I'm ready.)


'94- The beginning of the end- Toy Oyster
'95- TAAR- Burning Orange
'96- Thirteen-Burning Orange
'98- Alone (ep) Gabriel Scott
'99- Songs for Mary (ep) Gabriel Scott
'02- The Final Days of Gabriel- Gabriel Scott
'05- Fear and Insecurity- The Bleeder Project

Set List

Set times from 40-65 min
Current set list
All original (although with the possibility of occasional covers)
The Waiting
Lapse of Pretense
Song of Longing
The Resurrectionist
Thick girls and Pretty Boys
Fear and Insecurity
Electric Cucumber- "Silch"
Ziggy Stardust- "David Bowie"