The Blessed Hope

The Blessed Hope


We're a rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Our influences range from pop punk to hardcore to rock. Our songs are about our lives and experiences. We "call it like we see it" because we want people to know that sometimes life sucks, but there is hope.


After playing in other bands, Mike and John joined up with Andrew and formed The Blessed Hope. Started this band because we share the same passion for reaching out to people that feel they have nothing or no one to go to with their problems and are loosing hope.

We want to help restore hope to people and show them there is a better way, and that way is Jesus Christ. That is why we write our songs based off our own experiences. This way people can see that we've been through a lot and that we have made it through with God's help.


Change of Fate

Written By: The Blessed Hope

I know I've seen you
Deep in my dreams
You know how to wake me up from my sleep
But wheres your foot prints
That proves to me
That you exist my love, that you exist my love

Should I stay alone
Theres nothing to loose

I know you're thinking of me
When you're up at 2AM
I'd kill to kiss your face

I know you're out searching
While I search for you
I don't wanna die alone
I don't wanna die alone

Could this be a second chance
I never counted on
Is this Love?
Are you the one I've always dreamed of?
How can this be that hope has found me
As I am I stand and wait
for a sign, its not too late or......

Should I stay alone
Theres nothing loose
My love exists
When theres no sign of you

A Life Across From Easy Street

Written By: The Blessed Hope

Two Lovers dreamed of a life on Easy Street
Where they could live well
Now a wife, she spends her nights alone
watching two boys that want their Dad back home

Mother please don’t be scared
You know I’ll always be there

Mother hold my hand, when you’re frightened
cause your heart thinks that this is the end
Dad don’t give up on your wife’s love
because God would never give up on you

"Son make a better life than mine,
remember to truly love your wife".

God watch over those who have come to know this sin,
their hearts broke when their family’s love met its end,
they search for love, that won’t break their hearts

Don’t give up
on your love
cause God won’t give up on you

How can this be across from Easy Street
So close yet we still dream

We Will Last

Written By: The Blessed Hope

Everyday, is a search for stability.
A Place of solitude, filled with happiness.

It exists when a family re-unites.
And the beautiful are not intoxicated.

Finding Myself, in a place thats not like my past
It makes me hope that we will last

When we think we’ve chose the right road it steers us away
From our God, who will show us, which road we should take
Which road will you take? Which road will you take?
To that hopeful place...


currently working on pre-production for our record set to be released early 2009.

Set List

Currently growing.
we play 25 minutes to a half hour depending on the show.
we don't do covers.