The Blood Skulls

The Blood Skulls

 Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Imagine the catchiness of Nirvana and the Pixies but with the heaviness of Black Sabbath and Metallica. Throw in the guitar solos of Jimi Hendrix and Slash, you got us. Are music is dynamic,intense,heavy and at times will catch you completely off guard.You combine all this, you got The Blood Skulls


The Blood Skulls are a hard rock band that hail from Racine, Wisconsin.The beginning of the band can be traced back to a local jam session where Tony Rider and Frank Donohue first met. After recruiting David Rommelfanger on Bass and Adam Gilboy on Drums they started jamming and writing songs together.Since the bands first show in 2009 They have played and toured all over Wisconsin. Their sound is a combination of hard rock, with a hint of shoegaze and metal. The band is known for their catchy songs, amazing riffs, and melodic guitar solos. The bands influences range from Prince and My Bloody Valentine to Black Sabbath and Nirvana. The Blood Skulls quote "The thing that sets us apart from other bands is that were the best at what we do, plain and simple. We put on a amazing show with great guitar playing, memorable riffs and catchy songs.They have just released their debut album, Lovecult and are in the process of getting a record deal


The Blood Skulls - Lovecult (album)

Set List

Blood Skulls (Everywhere)
69 Maggots
Blue Screen
Skull Land
Haunt your days
Blue screen
Seek and Destroy ( Metallica cover)
Heartshaped box ( Nirvana cover)
Hole in the sky and symptom of the universe (Black Sabbath)
Boys Dont cry (Cure Cover)
All apologies (Nirvana Cover)
Middle Eastern Jam
Franks Jam