The Bloodsugars

The Bloodsugars


"No matter how low your blood sugar, when you hear these songs, you’ll go on, and find yourself in the mood to dance. The irresistible beats and catchy hooks of this tight synth-pop quartet would enhance any party." -The New Yorker


Armed with compelling hooks wrapped in sophisticated songwriting, The Bloodsugars have the uncanny ability to inspire even the most cynical audience members to get up and dance. Their infectious grooves and eclectic mix of influences make for an irresistible combination. The quartet connects all the dots between indie rock and 80s synth pop gluing them together with clever arrangements and relatable lyrics.

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of nine, Jason Rabinowitz has always had a craving for sweets. With schoolchums Brendan OGrady on bass, Matt Katz on synths, and David Beauchamp on drums, he turned that craving into a sonic wedding cake with the formation of The Bloodsugars. After recording BQEP Beauchamp has parted ways with the group to focus on his duties in The Jeffrey Lewis band. However, the Bloodsugars have been blessed with the addition of Kenneth Salters behind the kit. In addition to maintaining the bands remarkable chemistry, Rabinowitz describes their newest member as one of the best musicians he has ever played with.

I Cant Go On, Ill Go On was recorded earlier this year in Brooklyn, at the helms was producer Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) with Andy Baldwin handling the mix and mastered by Engine Room president and mastering engineer Mark Christensen (50 Cent, Langhorne Slim, Raekwon.)
The Village voice says that, The Bloodsugars play sweet garage synth-pop, refreshingly unconnected to bands of the 80s in its simplicity.
On BQEP, The Bloodsugars mastery of songwriting and arrangement manifests in the form of six songs that are each equally unique as they are instantly accessible. Navigating each track is like being a kid on Christmas morning, unwrapping gorgeous melody after melody, being both surprised and thrilled with each new discovery. Though Rabinowitz tended to bring rough versions of the final tunes to his bandmates, The Bloodsugars are a truly collaborative project and each song came to life after all four members fleshed out their parts. Usually the band creates the song again after its been created, Rabinowitz explains. Like a makeover for its public life.

The record was mixed by the highly accomplished Dan Hetzel (Jennifer Lopez, Blondie, Ginuwine), who managed to provide breathing room for all four members to shine while ensuring that their output coalesced into a unified sound at all times. OGrady takes the box that most bassists are placed in and rips it into shreds. Besides fulfilling his role of snugly locking in with Beauchamp, he is also constantly providing inventive melodic counterpoint, adding a layer of depth to every song. Beauchamp has the immaculate precision of a drum machine and an endless arsenal of creative rhythmic variations. On the keys, Katz not only complements Rabinowitzs vocals with equally compelling and memorable hooks, but also adds textures that transport the band into multi-dimensional territory. Rabinowitzs angelic croon has a tremendous range that can shift from a soulful purr into full on rocking-out mode on the turn of a dime. Moments such as his seamless shift into falsetto during the climax of fan favorite Bloody Mary are sprinkled throughout each song, always providing a satisfying sense of catharsis.

Some of the standout moments include the serene backup-vocal harmonies on Uh Oh, which play with negative space while fitting together like puzzle pieces, as well as the existential yet relatable lyrics of Purpose Was Again. Another lyrical highlight is on the aforementioned Bloody Mary, in which Rabinowitz passionately denounces George W. Bush as a tyrant, deceptively wrapped in some of the bands sweetest melodies.

Gigging around their hometown of New York City, The Bloodsugars consistently squeeze enthusiasm out of the most jaded scenesters, surprised to hear dance music that engages their minds as well as their feet. Why? Because people who dont like to dance just havent found the right band yet; because every song should have at least three hooks; and because when The Bloodsugars pass through your town, they wont leave without painting it blood red.


Bloody Mary

Written By: Jason Rabinowitz

Back up sticky lady
Back down, back to the root
Uptown at the Apollo
They'll strip you down to your birthday suit.
Race war pretty lady
Suckers think that they know the truth
Down South the Apostles
Stringing up all that funny fruit

Oh Bloody Mary
Is it all just part of your game?
Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine
Think by now, we give you a name

Flashback 1970
You could act like you're a brute
Not bad for being empty
You have a cause you can contribute to
True that. Take you're pennies
Bring it on back to the roost
In fact, you can exempt me
From the taxes that you boost.

Oh it's a circle
Now the country is under control
Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine...
What you just ate is gonna rot out your soul.

There is no exception
If you wanna be Atilla the Hun
You still can get your pension
From the pocket of everyone
Baby, baby, baby don't be a liar
It's not fair to make us all guess
Just who, when you conspire,
Who'se interests are you protecting the best

Oh, it's a circle
Bloody Marys in their bloody game
Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine
Think by now we see you're all the same.

Selfish. Who can blame you?
You're just a product of the world
The one you created, the one that grew up from out of a pearl.
Now baby, it's very simple
Who'se responsible? Who will confess?
Until we can build a temple inside the midst of the mess...
Oh it's a circle Bloody Marys in thier bloody game but it's so very scary
when I see in which ways we're the same.....


I cant go on, Ill go on-2009
BQEP- EP 2008
Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine- LP 2007
The Bloodsugars- EP 2006

Set List

Light at the end of the tunnel, Form/Function, The Pedestrian Boogie, Happiness, Feeling makes You Blue (Feat. Bell),
Purpose Was, Saint Of Containment, Bloody Mary, Final Say, Cinderella, Uh-Oh.., New Vacation, Who Needs That?, The Dreaming Of What's His Name, Evil

We will generally play all original music. The set will typically range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the venue, crowd, environment etc. We can and have played two sets in three hours of all original material to screaming, jumping fans when necessary.