The Blood Theory

The Blood Theory


A powerful hard hitting source that you can move to none the less.


After nearly a decade of playing in separate bands the Barbiero brothers (Chris & Adam) decided it was time to combine thier talents and start making music together. Requiring only two more ingredients to complete the recipe, they found what they needed in Dan and Coop, and "THE BLOOD THEORY" was born. The Blood Theory are an all original band with high energy songs laced with melody and unforgettable hooks. The creative energy this band shares cannot be put into words, they "must" be seen performing to fully experience the intense passion they all share for their music and each other. On their own, they are just four regular guys, together they are..."The Blood Theory"


The Blood Theory released their debut album entitled "Thicker Than Water" in Feb of 2007

Set List

The Blood Theory currently have a set that could fill a 2 hour slot with punishing energy.