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The Bloody Turncoats

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The Bloody Turncoats @ Station 4

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

The Bloody Turncoats @ Mayslacks

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The Bloody Turncoats @ Memory Lanes

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



I likes those chimy gitters.
Nice rockabilly beat.
Yeah, I'm digging the beat.
Vocals? Not too shabby.
we have groove...groovin while I be movin' baby
Some Irish feel perhaps?
Yeah, I like this song.
It rocks!
It has melody
Good performance.
Tight band.
Interesting changes.
Right when you think it's over and it's short and sweet, then comes the real fun and some great muscianship.
I love you!
Talent seaps from this band.
That guitar is wicked cool.
nice mix and production.
at 3:13 the song is a great length...I was interested the whole time.
Great work!
I will admit to scoring you at a 5 my friends.
Yes, let's be friends
Finally, something good in the punk department on Garageband.
Thank you for writing a cool little ditty
Reviewed by: thequartersucks from

Raise a glass
Find yourself some small out of the way pub, smoky and full of revelers on a Friday night and this band is in the corner supplying a heady soundtrack for the evening. The singer, with a voice soaked in whiskey, cigarettes and hard times leans on the guitarist who is delivering a fine clanky clamour and all the patrons can join in during the chorus. It's fun folky punk for street urchins. Reminds me of THE POGUES and fans of the DROPKICK MURPHYS may be interested as well. Now where's my pint?
Reviewed by: pigpen60 from Meeker, Colorado -


Deathbed Repentence, Saboteurs, The Bloody Turncoats Admire Your Skull, Mouthful of Pennies



The Bloody Turncoat's Bio -

(sternly serious bio)

The Bloody Turncoats began as a concoction of differing styles nearly 7 years ago. Karl (guitar) was influenced by the psychedelic music of the late 60's, folk, bluegrass, and classic country. Dean (drums) was influenced by punk, jazz, ska, and anything out of the ordinary. Over time, the congregation of influences become what can be best described as a punk-a-billyjazzfolkgrassrock style. Morgan (bass) and Rasque (lead vocals) joined the band in late 2006. Morgan plays both an Upright bass, effectionately known as The Wooden Lady, and a 5-string electric. He is commonly known as a metalhead and bangs his head when he plays to help establish street cred. Rasque is a frontman in the mold of some of the great punk frontmen. Energetic, manic, crazy, insane, and blessed with a loud, obnoxiously powerful voice he rounds out the band perfectly. Each member of The Bloody Turncoats has been playing/performing for over a decade and has previous experience in bands. The Bloody Turncoats recently finished their latest EP "A Mouthful of Pennies", and Minneapolis, and it's surrounding suburbs, have begun to take notice. With an interesting blend of styles, a completely original sound, and a live show like a cattle prod, The Bloody Turncoats are aimed to explode.

(the slightly less serious but more accurate bio)

The Bloody Turncoats are an agglomeration of stupidity, ineptitude, and a severe aversion to manual labor. So, as common sense dictates, we decided that music was our natural outlet. We hail from Plymouth, MN, a hotbed of punkless bands.

The Bloody Turncoats consist of Karl Miller, Dean Johnson, Morgan Philbrook, and Mike Rasque. Karl, a native of Upper Michigan (amusing), plays the guitar for us rather poorly. We'd throw him out of the band but he writes most of the songs so we are stuck with him. Dean Johnson is our drummer (seeing as how I am Dean Johnson I will only write glowing things about me. All of which are true). He is the most wonderful drummer in the world with a sense of percussive genius and impeccable groove, yet has no feel for time whatsoever. Morgan Philbrook is our bassist. He plays both the upright and electronic bass guitar. He looks stunning in a pair of neatly pressed slacks and is a smooth pimp who loves the ladies though the ladies are luke warm on him. Michael Rasque, our front man, spouts lyrics with angelic tones. He wears his pants too tight and touching his nipples is strictly forbidden.

Dean and Karl have been playing together for about six years and have recorded three albums, Deathbed Repentance, Saboteurs, and The Bloody Turncoats Admire Your Skull. Rasque and Morgan came on board more recently. We are currently working on a new EP, The Bloody Turncoats Are Beautiful, that should be finished about Septemberish '07. We remain, inexplicably, unsigned. Is that bio enough for you?

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