The BloomLaters

The BloomLaters


Earthy and Irreverant Left Wing Country!


The Album, "JESUS DRIVES AN OLDSMOBILE", is centered around the title track that originated in the parking lot of a Nashille Wal-Mart and the chance meeting of an aspiring songwriter and "Jesus Christ Himself"...and his Oldsmobile!!
DOUG DEJOE AND THE BLOOMLATERS is a group that sings about life, REAL LIFE, and it's accomplished with incredible lyrics and melodies that combine experience and originality to create performances that leave you thinking and humming long after the show! This is an eclectic group of players that have all been through the Nashville music "Mill" and have come out "Clean", on the other side!!


Jesus Drives An Oldsmobile----2007

Set List

Enough solid original material to work four sets without a cover including our originals that have been covered and recorded by Joe Nichols and others! The band also covers an occassional hits by "The Band" and "Little Feet"!