The Blown Gasket Orchestra

The Blown Gasket Orchestra


The Blown Gasket Orchestra incorporates several different styles of music to create their own brand of rockin' horny goodness. The goodness of saxophones.


We are The Blown Gasket Orchestra, and we play music. Although it is just myself writing this at the momont, I'll use "we," and pretend that the whole band is typing this all at once. Which would be hard, as there a quite a few members in the group. So now it's time to talk up the band just enough to let you know how awesome we are, but not too much to seem conceited. Here it comes. "THE BLOWN GASKET ORCHESTRA ARE AN INNOVATIVE BAND THAT HAVE BEEN MET WITH POSITIVE REVIEWS AND GROWING CROWDS." Most bands feel that it's hard to describe their music, and no one wants to be pigeonholed, especially pigeons, so let's put it like this: We incorporate several different styles of genres. Some songs can create a funky wall of sound bordering on avante-garde, or a swinging jazz feel with a tight pop sound. The arrangements often have innovative time signatures that stretch the imagination, and instrumentation that sets an animated scene that grabs the listeners attention. *************************************************************************ONE LAST PITCH IF YOU'RE NOT SOLD YET! We put on an energetic show in an uninhibited manner that will make you feel less self conscience, thus inspired into a good time. If you get a chance, don't miss us, of we'll miss you. Thank you and good day.


Debut album "Rock City" 2008

Set List

We have just under 2 hrs of material, and we do no covers. Here's some of the songs we play.

Rock City
Maybe You Do
The Pumpkin Treatment
Some People Got it
The Money Gods
The Beet Treatment
David the Painter
The Time We Spent Last Night
Clown Kart
Bobby Nice
Funkadise Island
Walkin' Around