The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular

The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular


Live Electronic Rock with Blue and Red 3D Visuals. Everyone in the Audience gets glasses.


The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular is a brainchild of Rob B., consisting of live electronic, rock, and visual stimulation. A formula strong in live looping, roaring drums, and electronics all brought to you with a Blue and Red 3D visual presence.

Rob is a drummer of 10 years whose attention turned to live looping keys, pads, and samples in 2007.

He wrote his first solo full length record during 2009 with the sound of a band along with Casey Moore on Guitar and Bass.

A rotating group of talented drummers have played shows now including Brian Curp and Evan Berg.


Organic Electronic EP - Release Date: August 2008

The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular LP - Release date: November 2009

Set List

Sets can last anywhere between 30 - 90 minutes.

Tracks (not in set order):
- Big Fish
- The Greatest
- Throwing Glass in Stone Houses
- Attack the World
- Run Boy Run
- Mermaids
- Jumpy
- Traveling
- the happiest little song in t
the world
- Glad to be home