The Blue Birds

The Blue Birds


Pop Rock R&B, Soul with pop predelection.


Marcos Sastre put together the band in 1991 as a one night a week jam band and recording project. 14 years later, the group is standing strong, working on its 3rd live record and its 4th studio album (with numerous authorized bootlegs).

The band's influences range from various blues and R&B artists such as B.B. King and Ray Charles, along with American and British pop bands such as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, as well as funk bands such as Tower of Power and James Brown. Being from Cincinnati, birthplace of King Records, there is a strong midwest soul quality.

Through the years, early members of the band such as Bam Powell and Charlie Fletcher continue to contribute to projects and live performances.

The best way to experience the Bluebirds is through live performances and recordings.


The Blue Birds
Laughing Boy
Shades of Blue I and II (Project produced by Marcos Sastre and Larry Goshorn)

Set List

Our typical set list is an hour to two hours in length, and consists of original material and occasional covers reworked in our own fashion.