The Blue Dress

The Blue Dress

 Harwich, Massachusetts, USA

Take off your shoes, stay a while. There's Mountain Dew in the fridge. We have a radio next to your bed, and a bookcase full of great books for your enjoyment. Laundry services are on Sunday mornings. Just leave your clothing in the net bag provided outside your door. Meals are served 3 times daily, and are on the house. On Saturday nights we will take group outings to the local Taco Bell. You don't need any money here, everything is covered. Don't worry about ANYTHING If you fee lonely


Who killed Bobby Fuller? The Blue Dress can't answer that
question. And who needs answers all the time? We are The Blue Dress.
Our land has fallen into the black. The Blue Dress is here to bear
witness. Drums, guitar, voice. The soundtrack to the miracles at
Garabandal. Timothy Sylvia's drums play in the woods with the Great
God Pan looking on. Patrick Tottenham strums strings and sum sings
with twilight voice. We need pills just to deal with how terrifying
all of you are out there. The Blue Dress is new songs. We have no
use anymore for h.c. rebellion throat polyps. The Blue Dress would
like to see the world while it's still here. We are not part of any
scene. No one will have us. This is such good news! Don't worry
about playing in tune. Someone told me the Nazis were fond of playing
in tune. They also made the trains run on time. The Blue Dress are
not the Nazis. The 1st The Blue Dress is entitled
"xanaxmixtapedilaudid EP". Captured digitally by Patrick Tottenham on
the night of June 22, 2011. It was written for us and by us. It is
also the Greatest EP Ever Made. We will travel to play for you. Have
us. What we like: Nigeria Rock Special Psychedelic Afro Rock & Fuzz
Funk in 1970s Nigeria, The Fall, Velvet Underground, Raymomd Chandler,
Arcade Fire, Swirlies, Peter Falk, benzos, m. dew, My Bloody
Valentine, the Shangri-Las, the Rock*A*Teens, Ray Kurzweil, M.R.
James, p. blue ribbon, Denis Johnson, Hazel Adkins, Bruce Springsteen,
etc. From Brewster, Massachusetts on Old Cape Cod of the United
States Of America: The Blue Dress.

--Landon Jentri


The Blue Dress - DEMO EP