The Blue Finish

The Blue Finish

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Alternative pop held together with strong female vocals, quirky guitar and keys and lyrics that weren't the first line to come to us when drunk/under the influence. A sound that is a bit different, a bit hard to find something to compare it to.


Band Name: The Blue Finish

Members: Victoria – lead vocals, guitar, keys (songwriter)
Danni Ammon – guitar (songwriter)
Salv Di Criscito – drums, backing vocals
Luke Dunn – bass


Bio/About us:
Brought together by a mutual love of modern punk, indie and acoustic driven bands, Danni and Victoria began their beautiful friendship. It was during the final years of high school where they would sit together at lunch, lamenting the lack of female fronted bands they could listen to without cringing. In a fit of defiance they began their quest to correct this travesty.
With Danni on acoustic guitar, and Victoria making use of all those classical singing lessons while playing keys and acoustic guitar they graced open mic nights around Perth and Fremantle throughout early 2008, honing their original take on acoustic pop.
In September of 2008 they recorded their 5-track EP. After an amazingly successful EP launch at Mojo’s in Fremantle the band was described as heartfelt and fresh with a consistent mention to their beautifully complimenting guitar work. A talent not to miss.
But they began to get lonely, and yearned for the addition of drum and bass to complete their sound. This came at the start of 2009 in the form of tall, shaggy haired Salv, who came bearing drumsticks and a ridiculous talent for writing beats that went with our songs better than chicos and marshmallows (a winning combination if there ever was one). Luke, a blonde headed bass player living in funk-land was then lured over to the dark side of pop, completing our backline. Band influences include Tegan and Sara,Dashboard confessional and Crowded House.
With a fuller sound, bigger energy and the capacity to inspire listeners to dance and even lock lips, they began playing in more venues around Perth including The Rosemount, Hyde Park Hotel, Swan Basement and The Loft just to name a few. The Blue Finish also came state final runners-up in Emergenza 2009, with Victoria also winning best Female vocalist.
The Blue Finish are actively gigging at the moment and have just finished recording 2 new tracks which will be released as singles in early 2010.


All This Commotion

Written By: Victoria Marmion

Are you waiting for someone to
Make you whole prove something stay true
But they never stay long enough for you to grab hold
The days are long when they're spent
Dreaming of people you've never met
But you never dream long enough for them to be bold

So why all this commotion you're not making sense
Why do you insist on second guessing them
Can i just have one night without the day invading my mind
Can I please feel alright with no one in sight

You swear you meet the same one
Over and over again but your time will come
That's what all these plot twists are leading to you keep saying
But you never feel deep enough for it to matter much when it comes to nothing


Written By: Victoria Marmion

I see row after row of dresses hugging onto
Frame after frame of girls until I know it's just the
Same then the same then the same, again reload replay
This game it's a game it's a game of mirrors mimic me
If my hand moves to the right i wanna see you stretching to the same side
If my outfit looks alright I wanna see you wearing it tomorrow night
I just wanna be the trend you're too scared to set
I just wanna be the craze you haven't thought of yet

I hear phrase after phrase of questions, answers did I
Hit replay, the replay's been running on a loop it just won't
Break, never break, never break
There's no reason to change when you're
Safe when you're safe when you're safe
Cos we all love mainstream

Is there room enough in this town for two of you?
Don't you get sick of them wearing what you do?
I just can't breathe in this town cos everywhere I look
All i see is you
You go by then you go by again


Written By: Danni Ammon

You say things are perfect now
But with one blink they turn around
And you wait just to see my face
Just to see what I'll ask you, I'll ask you today

But I'll run, I'll run, I'll run just to get to you say, I don't need you anyway
Still I'll run, I'll run I'll run, just to fall down at your door, but will you tell me where to go?
Will you tell me what to do?
Cos I can't breathe without you and I can't see before me, will you tell me where to go.

I choose to be alone
But sometimes, it's all I have
But you don't see it all, you only see what I showed you before

I can't start bleeding out loud no I can't start
Because what I needed is what I told you before
And I'll take take take it on the chest once more, cos me needing you is all you need me for.
It's all you need me for

Bed Song

Written By: Victoria

I think I'll start writing you letters, try for once every couple of weeks
A man will deliver you the proof that you're missed.
The walk to your letterbox each morning, the thought that greets you when you wake
The anticipation of my reply is all that it takes

To get you out of bed
To get you wondering where I am
I tell you I'm inconsistent, when I could be travelling straight lines to where you are

So please don't go envisioning romantic daydreams
Unless you find the torture comforting.
And don't wait by your door with your heart and arms wide open
I won't be crashing through there any time soon.

So you can stay in bed, forget that wondering about where I am
I tell you I'm indecisive, one minute you'll be it the next you're forgot

I wear jumpers full of holes so don't pin your hopes, to my chest, cos all you're gonna get
are nights spent by the phone, sleeping all alone, when you could be with someone
prettier and smarter, funnier and kinder, happier and wiser, a girl a whole lot better than me


Written By: Victoria

Who is to say that one day all my perfectly laid plans will not finally lead you astray?
Well I know that you're happy but maybe I could be too you know it's all down to you

I've been chest deep sinking in your words. But i won't resist, this pull to you
If it calls my name
I don't care if I'm just in love with the idea of you
Cos I'd have that idea, no one real would do
Please just say when

It's another day, day, day
Without knowing which, which way
You will turn, turn to me
You will turn, turn to me,
You will turn, turn to me

I'm slowing down, I'm waiting for the time when you will say it to me
And you don't have to use big words
I just want to hear that one verb
I l-i-k-e you too


The Blue Finish self-titled EP (2008)
1. L-I-K-E
2. Bed Song
3. The Person I'm Not
4. For The Better
5. Out of My Head

Set List

40-50 minutes
Bed Song
Exhuasted Thoughts
All This Commotion
For The Better
When I'm Without
Better Than You Do