The Blue Hearts

The Blue Hearts

 Brighton, England, GBR

"Johnny Cash jamming with The Clash" Formed in 1992, the band have produced four albums and 3 singles, have been played on radio stations from Melbourne to Memphis, featured on BBC national TV and Radio and played 100s of gigs including opening for Jools Holland. What do we sound like?


We wanted a new sound and a new style, so we took everything that we'd ever played, from Punk to Psychobilly, Rock n Roll to Glam, and spent long hours hammering out our new music and then recording it for our latest album 'Jukebox Of Maladies'. Our influences were Cash, Reed, Strummer, Cohen and Bolan and whole lot more. When we were done it didn't sound like anyone else, it sounded like our favourite places: honky tonks and speakeasies, bars that are enticing and dangerous, full of people who love live music, we dubbed it neon rock.
So what about our live shows? Whether you were at the 100 club in London, or at the Stadfest in Germany you would've experienced the same thing. Bob is in the audience, dancing with the crowd, the band are rocking out wondering when he’s going to climb back on the stage. It’s getting late but no-one cares, the crowd won’t let the band go. Mark’s getting ready to hit them with another stunning solo from his ’63 fender jazzmaster pumping out of a 60’s fender super reverb, waves of Sue’s electric violin crash over the audience, Will is taking the drum kit to places it was never supposed to go, Torquil’s merciless bass lines are keeping it all powered up while Randy is making sure the rhythm stays tight, danceable and energised. Like a loaded gun, the band’s backing vocalists are ready, waiting to fire up another killer chorus. This is real, this is rock ’n’ roll. And when the last song is done beer bottles are banging on tables, people are shouting for more...

"The Blue Hearts" are about delivering energy - the energy of real rock music. Our new sound is a kaleidoscope of brash rock n roll tones mixed with provocative lyrics set in hard rock pop-esque tunes, a whirlwind of electric violin and technicolor neon rock guitar. We are about writing songs with a long shelf life. Songs that touch you, and take you to places that are off main street. You can hear the sound from a block away. When you walk in, you know this is where you’ve always wanted to be, the stairs are crowded, the bar 5 deep, it's hot and its full of people who love music, the kind of music that got us all buying records in the first place, rooted in honky-tonks and speakeasies from Memphis to London, dangerous, listenable, rebellious and loaded with dark promise.

We've been together for twenty+ years, gigging, writing and recording. We've changed the format and the line up a few times on the way. In that time we have produced and released 4 albums, 3 singles and played countless gigs. We have worked with Jools Holland, and Kirsty McColl, and as Geoff Martin, the Vp of our current label 'Militant' says, It's a pleasure to work with a band that have more than paid their dues'

Band members come from a long legacy of UK bands. Will played drums with Wreckless Eric, Mark was the lead guitarist with Bone Orchard, Randy played bass with The Papers and The Piranhas, Sue played violin with Pookiesnackenburger, Bob was the lead singer with URU, and there were many others.

The band are prolific songwriters and have a big picture attitude; featured at European festivals in Germany and Holland, they plan to continue gigging widely. Already writing new tracks towards a 5th album. Appearances at gigs and festivals in 2012 are being scheduled and the band have a growing international following.

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Girl For The End Of The World

Written By: Bob Powell

Unbuckle and rev it make the engine roar
All your bad love lightning keeps me wanting you more
I know your head but it’s so unreal
Gathering momentum to show me you feel
Just the same in your heart as the way I do

Let’s throw out the light and carve up the night babe
Let’s outrun the sun in the milk moon light yeah
We should just take it slow but you race too fast
Love is too young to die but too old to last
I am running and running right out of the race

All through the night, black ribbons and curls
You are the girl for the end of the world
Under your spell, towards heaven and hell
You are the girl for the end of the world
You are the girl for the end of the world

Lend me your hand and turn up and down now
You and me leave the sound of the mad crowd
We are going be free and God knows how
You were born in a temple on a higher cloud
And I am divine when I worship you

The One Who Loves

Written By: Bob Powell

So in wonder and so in awe
Of a beauty I never sought before
A supernatural state of grace
Euphoric in the paradise when I looked into your face

Yes I am the one who loves
Cursed by angels and the stars above me
Yes I am the one who loves
The only one who loves you best…

Both possessed and exorcised
Both an angel and a demon inside me
but the redemption in your eyes
Gives me brief salvation with every breath of time

And I know that you’re the one
I implore and I petition this confession to everyone
Everyone can hear my prayer
For more divinity than a heart could hope to bear

Damned to walk the twisted line
Between melancholy and the divine
So in wonder so in awe
Of a beauty that I never sought before

Yes I am the one who loves
Cursed by angels and the stars above me
Yeah I am the one who loves
The only one who loves you best…

Velvet Prison

Written By: Bob Powell

Standing there in the red sunlight
You held the door so I stepped inside
I left my conscience right outside
To collect on my way out
You said -
Now the time’s come for me to love you
Take one look at the stars above you
Sign away your sweetest freedom for a glimpse of me

So come on, come on
Let’s see what doors are undone
Come on, come on
You are always on the run
The rules fall one by one

Girl you have a warm embrace
This kind of love has no disgrace
It’s naked but it’s covered up with every little hearsay
You said
Baby love me but don’t you show it
Keep it hidden and don’t you blow it
Everyone that I come close to gets blown into the wind

Its all on show and so explicit
I could never ever quite resist it
Every little nerve is screaming out for just that sin
You said
God he knows that I try to
God he knows I can’t deny you
God the end was written then the beginning came to pass

When You Shine Down

Written By: Bob Powell

I wonder where I fell away
And got so low to hurt your day
Beyond the break there is no way
You placed my heart on trial
I show my guilt a little while

So the divine can fall from grace
My piety feels out of place
When I see the sinner in your face
Through your incandescent smile
I’ll learn to burn in hell a while

You set me free beyond the age that binds me
You come like sleep to dim the day that blinds me
And when the world comes down with a hurt that you console
When you shine down on my heart and soul

With all the talk I need to walk
All through the sweetness of the dark
I own every single human thought
The virtuous to vile
I pray to curse a little while

Deciphering this moral code
Reveals the secret of your soul
Is made from love and not from gold
And while God is in denial
I am still blessed a little while


Band Discography: 1993 Single Delirious - 3 tracks
1995 Album Lullaby For The Lost - 14 tracks
1995 Single Hearts About To Break - 3 tracks
1997 Single A Thousand Stars - 3 tracks
2001 Album No More Long Goodbyes - 12 tracks
2003 Single Everyone Wants To Dance With My Girl - 3 mixes 2005 Album Dark Side Of Town 10 tracks
2010 Album Jukebox Of Maladies - 11 Tracks.

All tracks are streaming on Last FM, Spotify, MOG and many Internet stations as well as playlisted on national and local radio.

CD's and tracks are available Amazon, HMV as well as and as a download from all good quality sites such as iTunes

Set List

Velvet Prison

The Wagon Rolls

Shadow of Love

Dark Side of Town

The One Who Loves

Jukebox of Maladies

You Shine Down

Snake Oil Sam

No More Long Goodbyes

Girl for the End of the World

Silver Dollar Girl

Whisky in the Blood

Angel With A Cold Black Soul