The Bluejays

The Bluejays


Roots-rock country-pop with a Beatle-y twist.


The Bluejays aren't trying to fit any existing genre ( but we hope one will adopt us ). We've absorbed as much Buck Owens as Beatles, as much Costello as Presley, so what's coming out is a little hard to describe. One thing is for sure - it's pretty catchy, different, and doggone it, people like it.


Just got a five song demo. Regardless, its homemade goodness created heavy airplay on local Atlanta college radio. It is now available for download only on the band web site. The Bluejays are currently, albeit lazily, working on a full-length debut.

Set List

We have a total reportoire of about 50 songs - 35 of those originals.

Most of our covers are, if not obscure, at least ones you don't hear covered too much ( Rose Garden, Stuck In The Middle With You, Litle Things, etc. ). Of course, they all get "Bluejay-fied".