The Blue Notes

The Blue Notes


This is the classic "Organ Trio" instrumentation: Hammond Organ, guitar and drums. Of course with this line up you'll hear jazz and blues in the style of the great organ trios, but you'll also be treated with Brazilian, funk, hip-hop and other styles plus soaring vocals from a beautiful woman.


Some people ask "Why do you call yourselves 'The Blue Notes'?" Well, when Mac played the organ in his church as a young man he tried very hard to stay within the narrow confines of what was acceptable in gospel music. But his creative harmonic sense was too hard to keep on a tight leash and he would occasionally throw in a chord voicing of his own choosing. When this happened, the preacher would glare over at him and whisper, "Mac, quit playing those blue notes!"
In 2002, when Mac, Steve and Chris first got together, they practiced for nearly six months before they ever considered looking for a gig. Practice was so much fun, the subject just never came up!
The first job "The Blue Notes" did was one which Steve, Chris and Rachel had booked earlier with another group, but the bassist in that group had to cancel. Mac was hesitant, but agreed to do the job with them. It was a fantastic night! After that, everybody was hooked and wanted to play together as often as possible.


In 2005, The Blue Notes released their self-titled CD, "The Blue Notes". Their second CD, "Out of the Blue" was released in April of 2007. Both albums contain 12 original tracks.

Set List

The set list includes many originals plus unique arrangements of covers of James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Sade and many more. The trio plays jazz standards and modern jazz and funk covers, as well.