the Blue Olives

the Blue Olives


The Blue Olives(over 2000 gigs in 13 years) are WI's best kept secret! Killer Horn section, Entertaining drummer, and the big's guys voice is unforgetable! From Steely Dan, to BB King to a 70's medley of dance music plus band originals, the Blue Olives ARE festival entertainment!


From Berkley schooled jazz players to Chicago Blues players to hard core rockers, the variety of styles and genres brought together by each memeber of the band is nothing shy of pure entertainment. The influences include Tower of Power, Frank Zappa, BB King, SRV, Bob Marley, Maceo Parker, and a whole quarter century of classic rock. Each member of the band is an accomplished player on their own and all are capable of improvising breathtaking solos. 4 part vocal harmonies are rock solid and at any given moment a genre change can occur in any song. Versitility, professionalism, and extreme entertaining musicianship are the stong points for the Blue Olives. They not only look like they're having fun, they truely are!


Steal The Show

Written By: David Turner


she's got the button fly jeans
she likes to go down slow
when it comes to lovin
ya know she steal the show

Ya know she 's got it so good
So soft and mellow
I wish she were mine tonight
So she can steal my show

whoa , oh don't you know
only the best my friend
can steal the show

she's got her hair up high
got her blouse down low
leather mini skirt
as high as it would go

she can heat things up
burnin long ago
uprootin evil baby
she loves to steal the show


She likes to watch tv
But she likes her toys
When it comes to lovin
I want to be her choice

She likes to put out the romance
She likes to come off cold
But when she's warmin up
She can steal the show

A nod and a smiile

Written By: David Turner

A nod and a smile

If you sieze the moment
You know its there
If you think too hard about it
It goes away as you doubt it
Living large, outside the box
Coloring without the lines
Its a simple world if you open up the blinds

Waiting for the ring, watching the phone
Still no answer, sitting alone
I'm tied up hostage in my mind
Staring deeply through the blinds
Wrapped up in a nod and a smile

I know all the things I have done
Still I wait for hatred come undone
Holding hands at 80
Walking with my baby
And the picture I see is you

If the picture is bigger than reality
Then the possibilities stagger mentality
I've done you wrong
Still I live in song
And wait for you to come back to me

Here I sit and wait
Like the toys of yesterday
Times will come, times will go
when history comes back to stay

Shiney silver drops of rain
Echo loudly in silent sustain
As the colors they sing,
and the happiness they bring
Wrapped up in a nod and a smile

Red, White, and the Bluz

Written By: David Turner/Johnny Payne

Red, White, and the Bluz

Oh the memories, of what changed all our lives
my bitterness hungers human sacrifice
So many died with no chance to say goodbye
for the red, white and the bluz

People, people beware
How many of you people really care
the millions who lost the ones they love
to the lord up above

For the red, white, and bluz
For the red, white, and bluz
For the red, white, and bluz
For the red, white, and bluz

I heard it, I heard the wake up call
It woke us up, it woke us one and all
When so many have fallen for just a few
the time to sleep is through

It's the red, white, and bluz
For the red, white, and bluz
For the red, white, and bluz
For the red, white, and bluz


the following product is available on or at shows:
Live, Raw, Olives
Stateline Blues Vol. 1(Cassette)
Best of the Bootlegs
Live from Milwaukee's Summerfest (DVD)

Set List

With over 200 songs at the bands disposal, any style show is possible! Blues show classic rock, funk, dance . . . . . . . . . you name it and there is a set list for it!
1. Hey Bartender
2. Do Anything You Want Me To Do
3. Looking Back At Her
4. Steal The Show*
5. Some Kind of Wonderful
6. Crossroads
7. Tell me Something Good
8. Respect
9. Start It Up
10. Fever
11. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
12. Dog Walk
13. Just Like A Woman
14. Walkin by Myself
15. Superstition
16. Come to Papa
17. Rock Me Baby
18. King Bee
19. House Is A Rockin
20. Stand By Me
21. Midwestern Ladies*
22. Black Cat Bone
23. Life’s A Bitch*
24. Prisoner of Love
25. So Wrong to Cry*
26. Harder to Find*
27. You Cant Always Get What You Want
28. Southbound
29. Love the One Your With
30. Dust My Broom
31. Stormy Monday
32. McChicken Shack
33. Sweet Home Chicago
34. Cryin For My Baby
35. Too Rolling Stoned
36. The Thrill Is Gone
37. Everyday I Have The Blues
38. Don’t You Lie To Me