The Blues Goddess

The Blues Goddess

BandPopAdult Contemporary

We tend to write a lot of acoustic stuff that's easy on the ears, although my co-writer also can play harder kinds of music. It's all about give and take. We write the songs equally.


Hi I'm the blues Goddess. I think the biggest story here is that I don't have a story. I didn't grow up in poverty and then rise up from the ashes like a pheonix. I was never convicted or sent to jail, and I don't do a lot of drugs. You'll never see me on cops or anything like that, although I can have a wild side. As far as the particulars about my influences, well I like whatever sounds good, but I guess a lot of what influences my writing is what I hear on the radio or what I'm listening to at the time I wrote the song. And also a good measure of personal experience. I'm usually a happy, upbeat person and my biggest love, besides God, my family and my co-writer,, is Music. I have two daughters and both are showing signs of music potential. I love every kind of music except maybe opera and death metal. My partner and co-writer's influences are heavy metal, kiss, rock 'n roll, anything that's bluesy. Some of our favorite things are: going to concerts, chococate, good food, sitting around writing together, and watching good movings. Of course we love hanging out with our kids, doing all the stuff that parents do with kids.



Set List

,I do covers, but just not publicly. And we're brand new so we don't have covers yet. We're on this site to get some gigs!