The Blue Star Emergency Crew

The Blue Star Emergency Crew


The Blue star Emergency Crew runs the full gamit of music and emotion from the folky Dylanesque to the heaviest of metal Zeppelin/Hendrix and all points in between including blues,reggae, psychedelic jam(Dead/Phish), country, and rockabilly. They also perform originals that defy definition.


The Blue Star Emergency Crew was formed in March of 2005 when all the members were introduced to each other, where else, but down the basement of old man Mike Micali in Flemington, N.J.. Although their ages range from 20 to 50 they immediately hit it off musically. Ever since that magical Friday night their music has been steadily evolving. To date, the BSEC has been playing local venues to typically rave revues. Anyone who has been to one of their shows has left with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face.

Set List

A BSEC show could last from 6 hours to 1 1/2 hours depending on the time frame allowed. They'll steal your face with their Grateful Dead repertoire. Jam out with their Phish covers. Blow you away with their versions of obscure rock standards, and knock your socks off with their originals.