the Blue Suns

the Blue Suns

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So imagine a band that plays psychedelic, raw, soulful rockandroll OK? With love for analog, warm tape, chaos, intense live sets. Imagine this band was everything you loved about 60s rock and everything you loved about the rawness of the 90s underground. Experimental, familiar, transcending, real.


Within only 8 months, Cortland's the Blue Suns have created an immense buzz throughout the Upstate New York music scene with the release of their first record "New Soul Uptempo".

Formed in September 07, the Blue Suns integrate psychedelia, warm vintage sound and raw, ethereal melody in their conquest to unearth rock n roll from its untimely martyrdom.


1. New Soul Uptempo [2008]

Set List

Current Set List (in varying order):
1. Devil Man
2. Desert Wind (Oceans)
3. Just Shine
4. I Believe in You Julia
5. Hyena
6. Open the Door
7. Peyote Dreams
8. Judy, Judy
9. the Reverie
10. Black & Grey
11. Laredo