Kevin Conley and The Blue Tornados

Kevin Conley and The Blue Tornados


Rock R&B with Psychedelic overtones. Touching on Gospel at times, this varied work mines a soulful vein. Rockin guitar and sweet vocal harmonies.


Kevin Conley and Steve Vigil have formed a new charity fund for underprivileged children and will donate a portion of CD sales from “Walk In Love”. Two years in the making, “Walk In Love” has 15 original compositions by Kevin Conley and The Blue Tornados, and utilizes some of the areas finest musical talent. Kevin Conley wants help at-risk children realize their potential by making music a choice in their lives, rather than drugs and violence.
Kevin Conley and The Blue Tornados originated in Los Angeles, but has been based in Watsonville for the past 15 years. Since locating to Watsonville, the youth-crime situation had become alarming: gangs, drugs and law-breaking are at an all time high. After working the club scene in the area for several years, the band sought a more meaningful use for their music. All they had to do was look out the front door, or read the paper: kids were at risk of gangs and criminals looking to victimize them.
The band decided to concentrate on writing and recording songs, with the intention of using sales money to “rescue children with music”. The title track, “Walk In Love”, is an inspirational song hoping to incite an embracing of our diversity, and a call for brotherly love within our community. Another song, “Slot Machine of Life”, is meant to inspire our young people to think before marching off to war. The final track, “We Need Justice”, is a call to leaders to take responsibility for their positions, and to protect us all from social injustice.
A collaborative effort, the CD Walk In Love runs stylistically between old-school R&B, Blues and psychedelic rock. Mike McDowell, Editor/Publisher of Blitz Magazine, an online music magazine offers praise for Walk In Love: “Sounds like a breath of fresh air.” Beverly Paterson of Lance Monthly had this to say about the music: “The disc mines a dreamy, soulful domain. The guitar playing is fat and fluid. The vocals are incredibly passionate and assured. Refreshing thoughts and ideas.”
With the help of his Executive Producer, Steve Vigil, Kevin has been able to realize his vision of having his music transcend the listening experience to become a fabric of the community. “There’s something about music that seems to bridge the gaps, and heal the wounds,” says Kevin. With the creation of the new charity fund, Mothers Children, a portion of CD sales can be used to help fund music education for at-risk youth. The two will combine their own contributions to start the fund, and add to it as sales of Walk In Love increase, as well as a portion of proceeds from live performances.
Joining Kevin in co-production of Walk In Love is bassist, vocalist and producer Paul Logan. Multi-instrumentalist Will Leuschner collaborated on arrangements, as well as contributing drums and harmonies. His daughter Lisa Leuschner, a finalist on American Idol, contributes some searing vocals. Otis Coen contributed keyboard work, and Fenton Murray plays Organ. Eric Gunn and Charley Hatley play drums on several tracks. Britons Dave Cartwright and Howard Woolley added guitar and keyboards to one tune. Kevin’s brother Steve contributed all Saxophones. Three of the songs were recorded in Los Angeles at an earlier date, with Australian drummer extraordinaire Dave Plenty, who also helped produce those songs.
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The CD is available on CD Baby, , or itunes, and is also available by contacting Kevin Conley and The Blue Tornados at (831) 768-8348, or by sending and email to The band’s website is Upcoming local performances are planned, as well as Television and Radio appearances.


Kevin Conley-Walk In Love

Set List

We have 70 minutes of original material
1.Walk In Love
2. Beautiful Girl
3. Dreams To Dollars
4. Inside or Outside Your Love
5. My First Love
6. One Last Kiss
7. Light At The End Of The Tunnel
8. To Be With You Tonight
9. Power
10. Slot Machine Of Life
11. Who You Are
12. She's My Whole World
13. What Is Love
14. Sweet Six String
15. We Need Justice