The Blue Transit

The Blue Transit


The Blue Transit is a jazz/funk group made up of hard working students at the Boyer College of Music at Temple University. We love performing a variety of music such as jazz, funk, pop, etc.


We are a Jazz-Funk combo based out of Temple University in Philadelphia PA. We all think the old standards are great, and we pay homage to them, but we are all about the original music. Our ever growing repertiore of tunes range from straight ahead bebop, groovy latin, to hard funk.

Our influences are some of our outstanding teachers at Temple University- Terrell Stafford, Dick Oatts, Madison Rast, TIm Warfield; the list goes on. We as a whole are spounges that soak up anything and every musical thing around us and try do make it our own. Our passion for music and joy of performing make us an undeniable musical experience.


We are currently working on our upcoming album 'Origins' which will feature some of Temple's finest performers on original tunes written by the Boyer students.