The Blue Umbrellas

The Blue Umbrellas


The Blue Umbrellas aren't going to deny there's something remarkably riveting about four foxy females dominating their instruments. Creating a musical daiquiri they blend rock, folk, pop, and country into their own brand of rock-n-roll.


The Blue Umbrellas aren't going to deny there's something remarkably riveting about four foxy females dominating their instruments. You can even nudge them into admitting there's a bit of novelty in an all-girl band, and they're not ashamed to flash their feminine lure if it means you'll give them a listen. "Female bands fade out ... but we've established our roots and we're just working on the rest of the tree," bassist Stephanie. "We're not going anywhere but up." By up, they mean spreading their music to the rest of the world. Touring regionally and up to the northeast, The Blue Umbrellas have made their mark playing along side the likes of Antigone Rising (Lava Records), Girlyman (Daemon Records), Bitch and Animal (Righteous Babe Records), Jen Foster (Echomusic), just to name a few. They are no stranger to television or the radio, and make it a point to give back to the community that gives to them. Currently, The Blue Umbrellas are preparing to record their first live CD for release in May. In the mean time they are writing music for two films and working on score for a horror film in Louisville, KY.

Where do they get their distinct sound? Some say if you pour into a blender a little Ani Difranco, Melissa Ethridge, Heart, Coldplay, Indigo Girls, add some sweet and sour mix, you get The Blue Umbrellas. Their backgrounds include country, classical, folk, and eighties rock. Kelly grew up on a Western KY farm where all they had was country. As Gloria's parents were both professional musicians, she was influenced by classical music and the music of her nine brothers and sisters. Stephanie is the youngest of two brothers and a sister, so she got the hand-me-downs of folk and eighties rock. Rhonda, who still to this day has not left the eighties, ties most of her influences to the early stages of MTV and Duran Duran. The culmination of The Blue Umbrellas' histories create emotionally charged musical structure and lyrics complimented by catchy, charging guitar leads supported by a thick and driving rhythm section.

January of 2003 was the mark of their first 4-song EP CD self-titled "The Blue Umbrellas". It captures rock with an ambience soul backed by driving riffs. The definitive CD is a compilation of four songs purposefully put together to show the diversity of their music.

March 2004 brought the first full-length CD release titled "Metamorphose". It is a product of growth for The Blue Umbrellas produced by Peter Rhee. On this versatile collection, you will find the rockin' energy of the 'brellas along with some chest ripping ballads.

April 2006- Marks the release of their second full length album, "With Release". This album has an acoustic groove that blazes and soothes. The songs take the listener through a range of emotion: death, love, heartbreak and back again. Produced by The Blue Umbrellas and Pfilil Stirgwolt of TNT Productions, this CD will take you on an emotional roller coaster.

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Hold Me High

Written By: K. Shouse

This lonely road is so hard to follow
When your heart is heavy, empty, and hollow
Then I found you
On the side of the road
With nowhere to go
But everything to show

I wasn?t even supposed to be there
In the cold October air
I guess our journey was supposed to start there
With a warm embrace
Looking past the face
Trying just to find that special place

So hold me high
And I will dive
Into you
So hold me high
And I will dive
Into you

Open my eyes you will see the sky
Open my arms you will see me fly
Into you
A love so true
I am captured by everything that you do
I am captured
I am captured
I am captured
By everything that you do

Chorus (2X)

I have fallen in love with you
Forever you will be a part of me
And I have given you my heart, soul, and mind
From now until the end of time

Chorus (2X)

Call My Name

Written By: B.K. Lyon, A. Freyn, J. Houk, G. Marshall

Stages of life
Are so strange
You never know
When they might change

At first glance
We felt a sting, a tinge
Could it be I’ve just been shaken?
Or have I been awakened?

Are the poems still the same?
Can you feel a new refrain?

Call my name
Do you still feel the same?
Are you locked up in the cave of you mind?
Are you yours or are you mine?

Are you thinking you can still be mine?
Because you’re not just one of kind
My life has been a plateau
But you added some highs and some lows

You must be confused by my style
But I’ll be here for a while



End Chorus

Fields of Green

Written By: K. Shouse

Take my worries and fade away
The sunset claims another day
I work my fingers to the bone
Cause my baby left me alone

Let my tears cleanse my soul
And my heart so slow
Let the sweat burn my eyes
To help keep my disguise

Fields of green and shades of blue
Do you know that I still love you
Through the trees and the cool moon breeze
You will always be with me

Take my worries and fade away
The sunrise claims another day
I lift my head from a deep dark sleep
Wondering if you ever think of me

Let my tears cleanse my soul
And my heart so slow
Let the sweat burn in my eyes
To help keep my disguise



With Release (Gyrl Jam) -2006
Metamorphose (Gyrl Jam) - 2004
The Blue Umbrellas EP (The Blue Umbrellas) - 2003

Set List

The brellas are very versatile. They can do an opener spot of an hour with all originals, or two hour set with all origins or a three hour set with a mixture of originals and covers. Here is a list of originals and covers:

Beat the Game
Bloody Games
Come Home
Daddy's Song
Don't Rain on My Parade
In My Car
Love Inside
Meant to Be
Shoo Bitch
Talk to Me
To Be Loved
Waiting for Me
We Women Can Drink
Hold Me High
Call My Name
Sign of Change
Empty Promise
Fields of Green
Take It Easy, Take It Hard
Drive Me Crazy

Addict (K's Choice)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (B. Spears)
Blister in the sun (Violent Femmes)
Bring Me Some Water (M. Ethridge)
Creep (Radio Head)
In the Pines (Lead Belly)
La Bamba (Traditional)
One Way or Another (Blondie)
Proud Mary (Tina Turner)
Righteously (Lucinda Williams)
Seether (Veruca Salt)
Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)
Sweet Home Alabama (L