The Blushing Gun

The Blushing Gun


The Blushing Gun has never required gimmicks to induce emotion from its listeners, just their music. From a broken heart to a middle finger aimed at corporate America, the band’s messages can be empathized by all. Real music should leave you satisfied and inspired. The Blushing Gun does just that.


The Blushing Gun is a 3 piece Alternative/Indie rock group from northwestern Illinois. In 2008, under the name of Drunk Dead Gorgeous, the band had 4 Grammy Award nominations in 3 categories including Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, Best Pop Instrumental Performance, and Best Rock Song. After a change in members and shift in band focus, the core members of DDG reformed as The Blushing Gun. With an increased intensity and intent, TBG has continued to pioneer while maintaining their award nominated form.

"We are the collective conscience of our generation. The generation who knows love is getting weaker and weaker just as fast as technology advances. A name for the souls who sit and ponder of religions, science and nature and know they are all connected, and humankind is missing the big picture. We have all the knowledge and secrets within us… someday, we all may get some guts, stop blushing, fight back, and fix our world." - The Blushing Gun

The Blushing Gun is comprised of Ian Moore, Nicholas McClelland and Athan Mireles. Ian leads the band with his unique and captivating voice, and mature acoustic and electric guitar stylings. Nick gives the music a great foundation with his mixing and big bass lines. The smooth yet powerful beats from Athan on drums rounds out this trio. The band's diversity has allowed them to share the stage with national acts such as Papa Roach, Chevelle, Hinder, In this Moment, Black Stone Cherry, The Venetia Fair, Boy Hits Car, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, and many more. Even in this vast array of genres, The Blushing Gun never ceases to leave the crowd in awe of their sound and musicality.

In 2012, The Blushing Gun released their 2nd EP. The self-titled EP was recorded at Radiostar Studios in Weed, CA and produced by Sylvia Massy (TOOL, Johnny Cash, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, & more). "Everything about their music has always been well produced, played, and recorded. That being said, the striking growth within the EP’s six songs is astounding for a band that was already playing at such an incredible level." - Chris Bach, Rocksposure.

The sky is the limit for TBG in 2013 with new music to be heard, new venues to be played, and new fans to be made.


Nothing in the Sun (EP) - 2011
Streamed on, Spotify, Hamilton Radio, & more
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You; Nothing in the Sun
How Did I Become the Cynical One
Luna Sea

The Blushing Gun (EP) - 2012
Streamed on, Spotify, Hamilton Radio, & more
Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, & more

King God Inc.
Bleeding Fingertips
Sadie & Max
Major Minor

Set List

The Blushing Gun plays a 45 - 120 minute set varying on whether they are headlining or supporting national acts.