The Boat Times

The Boat Times


Late 50's rock n' roll and yanked into the present picking up a taste of folk, a touch of country and a youth spent in the alternative 90's along the way.


Founded in 2007, The Boat Times are three friends (Dan Gerbarg, Barry Stone and Matthew Coursen) who live and play music in Los Angeles. Short and sweet, their songs combine catchy melodies, tight harmonies and driving instrumentation with thoughtful and uplifting lyrics. With Dan and Barry sharing lead vocal and songwriting duties, The Boat Times create a unique perspective of late 50's rock n' roll as seen from the start of the millennium. With the benefit of decades of music since the birth of rock n' roll, The Boat Times have drawn on folk, the blues, alternative and even country to give a new voice to the music they all enjoy so much.

It was under the roof of Hollywood's famous Cherokee Studios, once home to legends from Frank Sinatra to The Four Tops to The Who, where audio engineers Dan and Barry began writing the songs that would give rise to The Boat Times. However, being a duo was not what they had in mind and knew that another guitar player was needed to bring the songs to life. Enter Matthew, lead guitarist and long-time friend of Barry from their home-state of Ohio. After moving out west in early 2008, it was clear that Matthew and his guitar were precisely what the group needed, instantly meshing with and complimenting the sound of The Boat Times.

With this key piece of the puzzle in place, The Boat Times are focused on the future: actively gigging around LA, making new fans (and friends) and working on their debut EP that will be out by the end of this year.


These Eyes

Written By: Daniel Gerbarg

They saw you through many good times had,
They saw you though many times a-bad,
They watched you from near and from afar,
But these eyes won't be watching you no more.

They wandered over your bare skin,
They wandered and found you next to him,
They watched you throw my heart to the floor,
But these eyes won't be watching you no more.

Yeah, these eyes, they know pain
And these eyes, they've seen rain
And I won't be back once I'm out that door.

These eyes won't be watching you no more.
These eyes won't be watching you no more.
These eyes won't be watching you no more, more, more.
These eyes won't be watching you no more.

Set List

Not Far Away
Keep Up
One Thing's For Certain
Don't Let It Break You
Goodbye Chicago
Take It Slow

When Will I Be Loved (Everly Brothers)