The BobKats

The BobKats


Hard driving band that has that uniqeness like no other, the sound is drums and bass driven and is very hypnotic.


The BobKats were born from a music world that had forgotten it's roots. Hillbilly Rockabilly Sillybilly Shinnybilly bands were everywhere. THEY ALL SOUNDED THE SAME!!!!

The Kats decided they would not be like everyone else, they have developed a sound and style all thier own, they call it. Bobkatabilly, a fusion of alt country with blues and rockabilly all mixed in together.

The BobKats ability to fill dance floors is now legendary, even folks who do not dance are transcended onto the dance floor, the sound is drums and bass driven and is very hypnotic.

Then came The BobKats..................

3 music slingers as swift as a gunslinger, tighter than a prom queen, melodic like a drunken football crowd.

The Kats get their feel from the outlaws in our world past and present. Carl Perkins / Johnny Cash / Gene & Eddie / Hank 1/ 2 and 111 / The Killer / Blues and Southern Baptist gospel.

The Kats decided we were not going to be like everyone else. All the greats were never like anyone else. I suppose that is the only thing we have done like everyone else. BE DIFFERENT.....


Red Hot Rocket.
54 Customline.
Honey Let Your Hair Down.

The BobKats live @ Wintersun 2006
Red hot Rocket 10 Rockabilly Rave ups.

The BobKats live @ Wintersun 2006

Set List

Hank Williams
Carl Perkins
Jerry Lee Lewis
BR 549
And various country rock songs