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See The Whales Rise

Written By: Garry Koehler

They come in to the bay at this time every year
Been doin it since time began
They've been up on the reef, giving birth to their babies
And they call in on their way back home
Well it's a little hard to explain, you really have to be there
And somehow they seem to know
If you've never seen the whales
You don't know what you're missing
An unrehearsed, but an amazing show
See the whales rise up, and greet the brand new day
Sharing a love of life and a sense of play
See the whales rise up, beauty and freedom
You won't believe your eyes
When you see the whales rise

Not too long ago, they were hunted for their bounty
What a shame , what a price to pay
But now the harpoon's rusting away
And the station's just a memory
And the whales live to rise another day
Some people just don't believe it
Some say it's a spiritual thing
Oh but each year, they come back in to the bay
And the show starts over again.