The Bohicans

The Bohicans


The Bohicans are a high-energy Rock n' roll quartet formed in early 2007. The Bohicans provide a harmonious blend of Southern Rock coupled with grooving Jazz-Funk bass lines and screaming guitar riffs, creating a sound uniquely thier own.


A new arrival to the Denver/Boulder live music scene, The Bohicans are a powerhouse Rock n' roll quartet whose original sound and high-energy stage performance continue to draw larger more excited crowds with every show. "Strivin' to Swagger", The Bohicans bring it back to the roots of Southern Rock and Blues while incorporating original themes, ideas and influences in their music. Just out the gates, The Bohicans have no intentions of slowing down and are ready to take the stage anytime, anywhere to provide a live music experience for all to enjoy.


1/09/2008 - Live at the Buffalo Rose
2007 Self-titled demo: The Bohicans.

Set List

12-15 Songs per set, generally two sets a show, 2-2.5 hours of original material and covers.