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"The Bombs live @ The Redwood Downtown Los Angeles"

CONCERT REVIEW: The Bombs may not be the first garage rock band to pump out lo-fi power-pop punk songs a la The Stooges, but as of yet, I can’t think of many garage bands in LA that combine that simple, unpolished musical sensibility with the kind of dark, brooding, soulful lyrics and catchy melodies you’ll find in The Bombs‘ music. Drummer Rhianon Jones’ relentless, driving drums provide a solid background for vocalist and lead-guitar player Michael Van London’s messy, crunching guitar parts. That combined with bassist Eligh Macias’ no-holds-barred rock-n-roll bass playing and kick-you-in-the face stage presence makes The Bombs an unexpected treat to watch live. Their energy is almost contagious and within minutes of starting up, the audience was tapping their toes and nodding along with the music, even with new songs not on their recently released album, Black Butterfly. The band kept the crowd engaged throughout their forty-five minute set of relentless rock. And it’s understandable that they would have this kind of draw, since not only are the songs irresistibly catchy, but the band members’ personalities are not what you might expect for this type of music. The Bombs are a strangely personable band.– they deliver the rock without any of the pretense and over-the-top showiness that can alienate more sensitive members of the audience, churning out catchy numbers like “The Shakes” with same unself-conscious confidence as on more serious songs like the almost neo-gothic “Under The Dock.” What makes The Bombs stand out from other music of this genre (think The White Stripes meets early Kiss), is the strong vocal melodies provided by Van London and Jones. Sometimes they share singing duties, and sometimes one person does most of the vocal work (Van London sings the majority of the songs.) Songs with the female drummer ’s voice taking lead in parts give an extra edge to this wickedly addictive pop rock band. Their sound might be a little hard to describe, but The Bombs are indisputably Rock ‘N Roll. Their music, while almost mainstream at times, still flirts with glam rock and other more hardcore genres of music. They are very LA, but in the good, we-know-how-put-on-a-show way, providing musical entertainment that will stay with you long after the lights are off and the stage has been cleared, as you find yourself humming their tunes to yourself for days after the show. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing more from this band- from what I’ve observed, they have the full package and the potential to “make it big.” Hopefully they can manage their success without losing track of the soulfulness that puts their lyrics a cut above your average garage rock band.
-A. Landon -

"The Bombs : Black Butterfly Album Review"

Over the years any band that’s had it’s own theme song from The Monkees to The Bouncing’s Souls have always done it tongue-in- cheek cool. The Bombs, which consists of guitarist/ vocalist Michael Van London, and drummer/vocalist Rhianon Jones, have come up with their own theme song too, “Da Bomb.” Again, a tongue-in-cheek rocker with lines like, “ Now I not from Norway/ But I can tell you that bitch is cold!” And other fun facts. It’s the start of a musical joyride that is packed with nine punk rock ‘n’ roll, tunes! -Dang, if they don’t remind me X or The Cramps! Upbeat and personal, songs like “The Shakes,” “I’m Giving up Beauty,” or “Revolution/Revelation” are powerful, dance-with-death themed, that delve further into the quicksand of discontentment. Without trying to jump onto any bandwagon or soapbox, they get into an groove that is the essence of punk, bracingly political but without the dance-me-to-the-end-of-the-world cynicism . Instead, they hold the mirror up and reflect society for us to see and react to. “Under the Dock” is an extreme rocker, propelled by a punk-pop-mod farfisa organ, that sounds like a page out of Mike Ness’s solo stuff.- Manic fun! Black Butterfly is a gas from start to finish! A ripping punk album that shows the duo’s sharp musical attack, and the kind of aural pummels one might not expect from music so catchy- like the hand claps, and sing-along-chorus on “Shake Me,” which should be a boss, hit-bound, single! This is a band I want to see live!
- Phil Rainone - Jersey Beat

"Black Butterfly Review"

"The Bombs may have the right sound to push further than most of their genre has. They have a mildly odd sound but have a pop sensibility that most of these other bands don't have." - Absolute Punk


Black Butterfly LP (2008)

Night Child 7" Single (2009)



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