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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Classic Rock




"The BoneDevil Conjures Oshawa Metal"

Rising out of Oshawa, Ontario, is a four-piece with a bent for cross-breeding folk rock and nu metal — and the beasts they produce in doing so are as heavy as you might expect. The BoneDevil delivers track after track of pummeling rhythm punctuated by dueling guitars and roaring, hypnotic vocals.

The music is hard and relentless, conjuring nods to dozens of no-nonsense metal predecessors. The writing is tight. The vocals are staggered. The guitar work frequently mesmerizing. The drums are pounding, occasionally panicked. And together, they create a groove that graciously restores faith in the genre.

Sure, BoneDevil lays down the schtick in their bio, telling a story about how The BoneDevil was entrapped for two thousand years before emerging from Mother Earth with a starvation so intense that it consumed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And then there is the title of their debut — Don't Be A Pussy! — which tries a tad too hard to get attention in the opposite direction. But never mind all that. They can play.

Their debut is a Wrecking Ball because it hits so hard.

Wrecking Ball is the second tune down on the 10-track track full length. For four-plus minutes, The BoneDevil effortlessly introduces its members with instrumental sections that take turns showcasing the talents of Abel Renton (vocals, guitars), Angus Hillier (vocals, guitars), Angel Valenciano (bass) and Chris Jackson (drums). The immediate takeaway is that this might be the real deal.

The band follows up Wrecking Ball with Burn The White House Down, a dizzying display of folk vocals interspersed with fiery guitar licks and big, recklessly descending notes designed to shake your bones with the right volume. It chugs and buzzes for better than five minutes.

Both tracks are more memorable than what the band chose to promote in advance of the album. They lead with the first track, Speedfreak, which draws a half dozen or so analogies related to being an adrenaline junkie. The songwriting isn't as crisp as other tracks, but the band still jams.

The video gives up something else about the band. As serious as they sound, they don't take themselves seriously. And perhaps there is an irony in learning it. They are good enough that they could take themselves seriously (without alienating their Pabst drinking draw). But that hardly matters because they would rather have a good time. And they do.

There aren't any bad tracks on the album. Standouts includes the riff-laden grooviness of Taffy Tornado, the playful barroom romp of Boomba, and the apocalyptic meanderings of Blood On The Stone. Further down the track list, The Emigrant Song smolders with equal parts glamour and gloom.

Marc Taylor's Blues is also a must listen. The track alternates between some familiar vintage rock and angry don't-judge-me blues-infused metal. The transitions are epic in that most bands could never make them work. The BoneDevil pulls it all off effortlessly.

The band ends on Laughing At The Sunrise, which also brings in some big, bluesy notes. It works as a wind up or wind down. Just don't expect to be put to sleep, even if it includes a full minute of ambient pinball noises.

Don't Be A Pussy! By The BoneDevil Digs 7.8 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

For a band that almost broke up after releasing two 7-inchers and being teased with the promise of a record deal, The BoneDevil has found a whole new purpose in playing what they call rock'n'roll imbedded with thunder and lighting. There are moments on the album where it's easily agreed.

Don't Be A Pussy! by The BoneDevil is available on Amazon and can also be downloaded from iTunes. You can also hear an album sampling on band camp. Three tracks give up the lyrics. For their tour schedule, follow them on Facebook. The band originally came together in 2010. Expect some more heavy goodness from them. - Liquid [Hip]

"Bonedevil Review: Who Knew The Devil Could Save Your Soul"

Bonedevil has awoken the demon from the centre of the earth, and it has been rhythmically thumping its way to the surface in an attempt to lug with it the Rock substance that just might save your soul.

Birthed for the sole purpose of acting as the much needed saviour of Rock and Roll, the band Bonedevil, from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada has emerged onto the scene with a forceful and energetic music that permeates the soul and mind to the point that just about all my neurons are firing at once. Is that even possible?

This music just won't leave as easily as you might think. The indomitable and barefaced riffs Abel manages to produce from his machine firmly mark them as a grand staple in the local scene, with hopes to see that go further. Abel rips those strings to shreds, and I'm surprised that they still allow this type of creative imagination to flourish without the authorities handing them a ticket or incarceration.

The music is rife with carefully placed, well thought out guitar licks and the off beat rhythm changes ( thanks to the astonishing, seemingly panic-stricken drumming) that could keep an accountant interested for the whole show. Nothing stays the same for any length of time in these songs. I had to listen to it again, just so I could really get a sense of the melodic riffs this whole band is coming out with.

Timing is perfect. This band is tight, and they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to song creation. From the Basswork of Angel Valenciano to Abel's unflinching guitar work to Drummer Chris Jackson's striking and staggered work, imaginative song creation is one of this band's most well used assets along with Anthony's raw and authentic voice. It harks back to a time when music felt real and didn't require perfection - which this band is certainly close enough to- just passion.

Beautifully, they have effectively incorporated various styles of music into their songs that refuse to take you out of the illusion of the musical fantasy. To my surprise, a Rock and Roll song incorporated a gorgeously timed violin.

Being alone in my home, I wasn't able to start a mosh pit but it made me feel like breaking some glassware in heartfelt passion when I heard this. Although, I did light my lighter once and wave it a bit just to show some appreciation.

I am lyric man. I pay attention to these things. After hearing this band, I am superbly impressed with the lyrics, and they are ones that you are certainly not going to hear on the next Lady Gaga release. So pour another stout, listen closely and start the mosh pit going. The scars and ear damage you'll wake up with the next morning are entirely worth it and if you go deaf and it's the last band you hear – be grateful.

Bonedevil consists of:

Abel Renton - Vocals, Guitars
Anthony Howell - Vocals, Guitars
Angel Valenciano - Bass
Chris Jackson - Drums, Vocals

To all the members of Bonedevil, you have achieved something I have been looking for since 1994, but you have managed to impress and entice even the modern music scene.

Be sure to check out their upcoming shows:

August 28th, The Spill, Peterborough
September 29th, The Atria, Oshawa
October 7th, The Clocktower Brew Pub, Ottawa

Don't miss out on this chance to see this ravaging band!

Visit in order to get the full experience, and possibly splatter your brain goo all over whoever might be listening along with you. - Matthew R. Edwards


Don't Be A Pussy (CD) - December 2013

Trench Mouth/Obesity (Clear 7" Vinyl) - March 2012

The BoneDevil (part 1)/Chickenpox (Green 7" Vinyl) - March 2011



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Hailing from Canada's motor city, Oshawa, On, the BoneDevil do not use autotune, they do not “track” their albums, nor do they dubstep or glitter. The BoneDevil play a heavy brand of badass, raw, original rock'n'roll akin to racing a souped up muscle car with no brakes down a hilly, winding country road. Fast, ferocious, and unpredictable, the BoneDevil are hard to stop, and even harder to ignore.

The pulsating pounding of drummer Chris Jackson sets the table for the three headed vocal attack led by Angus Hillier's classic howls, and brought home by the bluesy growl of lead guitarist Abel Renton and the punky punctuations of bass player Kriztee Bryan. Topped off with harmony guitars, soaring solos and occasional psychedelia, the BoneDevil bring the guts and the glory of Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and the MC5 out of the garage and onto the street.

Since releasing their debut full-length album, “don't be a pussy” on Get Bent Records in 2013, The BoneDevil have excited audiences and enticed eardrums with their unrelenting sonic assault. Continuing their travels throughout the whiskey slinging establishments of southern Ontario and beyond, the BoneDevil continue to spread their high energy hooks further and further across the landscape of mother Earth.

Not unlike the thunderbolts of Zeus, the music of the BoneDevil is electrifying and powerful. You have been warned. 

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