The Bones Royal

The Bones Royal


Natives of the Lower East Side of New York City, The Bones Royal are an earthy, soulful and always passionate stripped-down three piece with CSNY-like three-part harmonies


Foley Stewart writes songs in his east village bedroom on acoustic guitar and brings them down to the dark and dirty basement of cake shop, a local club the band uses as a rehearsal space during the day. Bassist Shane Bastien and Drummer Terry Moore makeup the heavily jazz, blues, motown and good ole' southern rock n roll influenced rhythym section that gives The Bones its' spine. The last pieces are the three-part harmonies, which the band work on meticulously - (they worship the old harmony - laden soul and country stars.)

After playing all around manhattan and brooklyn, the band decided to go the DIY route and record an album by themselves in an apartment on Stanton Street. This album found its' way to Rich Kleiman, head of Allido Records and all-around player, who handed the music off to Mark Ronson. The two enthusiastically invited the Bones to use Mark Ronson's studio to develop their sound. This resulted in their current 3 song EP.

The Bones Royal sees the live show as the whole point of their playing music - they work hard as a band to give the audience a performance they deserve.


Newest EP which is on this EPK

Played on Mark Ronson's "Authentic Shit Radio"

Set List

Setlist - Set is 45min to an hour but can be longer or shorter