The Bonzo Dog Ends

The Bonzo Dog Ends


Mainly the music of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, but also including other amusing psychedelic rock songs.


Fulfilling a lifetime obsession, Mr. Stephen Elliott blackmailed fellow cohorts Mr. Thomas Mallon, Mr. Michael Howard and Mr. Graham Pearson into a ridiculous musical adventure known as The Bonzo Dog Ends. Astutely noticing that this name was vaguely similar to The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, they decided to attempt to play some of the same songs. Having very little musical abilities did not appear to hinder this trio plus one. In fact it made it strangely entertaining. So much so, that Mr. David Elliott relented his stage abstinence and enlisted with all speed and a car full of saxophones. Word of mouth soon spread and Mr. Phillip Hall was soon knocking at the Dogends door armed with mandolins, banjos and a whole heap of enthusiasm. Eventually Mr. Graham Clingan decided that he also could fit nicely into the group and staggered the rest of the chaps with his keyboard wizardry and huge wad of cash in a brown paper envelope. That only leaves the mysterious Urban Spaceman that turns up at all the gigs. God only knows who or what he is, but we all like to see him enjoy himself so much.
After numerous appearances in the wonderful Sun Inn, The Georgian Theatre, a Halloween show in The Byre Yard and the Main Stage at the Stockton International Riverside Festival, we have decided to take the show on the road.
With a curious collection of costumes, odd instruments, bizarre sets and props we are hoping to take on the festival scene and any other willing pubs/venues that want to try something slightly off the beaten track.

We have also frequently been called bunch of old fools dressing up and playing silly songs.

Set List

1. Hunting Tigers Out In India
2. Canyons Of Your Mind
3. By A Waterfall
4. Hello Mabel
5. What Do You Do?
6. Ali Baba’s Camel
7. Look Out There’s A Monster Coming
8. Jollity Farm
9. The Equestrian Statue
10. My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe
11. Tent
12. My Old Man’s A Dustman
13. Tubas In The Moonlight
14. Old Bazaar In Cairo
15. Mr. Apollo
16. Death-cab for Cutie
17. I'm The Urban Spaceman
18. Monster Mash