The Boodlies

The Boodlies


Funky licks, tight riffs, intricate bass and immaculate beats make every moment rock with this four piece band from Pennsylvania. You won't be able to stop dancing to these spacey hard rock jams.


We love music, so we decided to make some.

Almost over night we started playing at parties practically every weekend.
And just a few months later, at clubs and bars in the area.

Our sound is Rock n' Roll, but we love to mix genres to create unique and beautiful tunes.

Our influences include, but are not limited to: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Axl Rose, the Melvins and 311.

It has been said that true rock is dead.
Thanks to The Boodlies, that is not true.


Silverthorn (2007

Set List

Something Special To You
Intergalactic Rockstar
Center of the World
Riverbend Blues
..and many more originals.
We also do some Zeppelin covers, and other classic rock favorites.