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the boogie man jordon daniel

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A brief history of The Boogie Man
Jordon Daniel

I was born the first of February 1984. My mother tells me I was born feet first, landed on my feet, and that I’ve been running ever since then. I was all smiles all the time all of my childhood, climbing tall pine trees to see the world as much as I could for that moment. Working up to the tallest branches until the treetop would sway under my weight. I liked the feeling. I could feel death dig deep under the meat of my stomach. The feeling of power like that of a king but knowing it could topple with mistake, I get the same feeling while performing. I felt my heart skip the first time the bones in my heard the blues played by Robert Johnson. At that time I had been playing music for a couple of years as a vocalist and had developed a determined love of punk rock and heavy metal mostly, but not like the blues and the sounds of the early nineteenth century. It spoke to me in words and phrases I hadn’t heard anywhere, it didn’t make sense and it didn’t matter.

I howled for a heavy metal group four years strong. We had a good following and made a little bit of money and receive just a portion, but still flattering critical acclaim. The problem was that we hated each other, or maybe ourselves, but the bitter end wasn’t so bitter. It was a good bitter, like sucking the lemon juice after the fiery burn of tequila. The group was called “The Gorgeous”. I took a likening the name after a period of time because everyone felt need to comment on how stupid it was.

I left my girlfriend, quit my band, told my boss he could have two weeks more of my time, gave away all my shit, returned my keys and blew away all the snot of responsibility into one soaring rocket. I watched and re-watched a movie documentary of Bob Dylan and it told how he’d drown himself in songwriting, becoming the most prolific songwriter of our time or anytime in the matter of a couple months. So I’ve made it my fulltime employment to teach myself the things needed to accomplish even just a fraction of what him and my other favorites did. This time I’m doing it by myself with the sounds that beat into me with truthful.