The Book of Gnomes

The Book of Gnomes


The Book of Gnomes is an post-fusion instrumental band hailing from Hamilton, St. Catharines, Guelph, and Toronto, Ontario; they are currently working on an Ontario Arts Council-funded CD, due out in 2010.


Formed in early 2007, the Book of Gnomes is an electroacoustic collaboration between Nick Zubeck (Barzin, Polmo Polpo, Great Lake Swimmers), Darren Wall (Harry Pickens, Barzin, Delfeayo Marsalis), Marshall Bureau (A Northern Chorus, Octoberman, Bidiniband), Ben Bowen (Great Aunt Ida, Ronley Teper, Bellewoods), and Robbie Grunwald (Jill Barber, Everything All the Time, Barzin). The music, presented in the form of long-form post-fusion suites, combines elements of rock and pop with improvisation. Skopemag, in an "Artists to Watch" feature proclaimed, "The music that these guys create is not mainstream but it definitely caters to the serious music enthusiast. The diverse instruments and sounds that all come together is truly music to our ears."

B e n B o w e n:

Ben studied jazz trumpet at York University and Humber College, and holds both a BFA in Music and a Masters in Composition from York. He has played horns on albums by a number of notable Canadian musicians, including Great Aunt Ida, Ronley Teper, Lily Frost, Brian MacMillan, Bellewoods, Jack Marks, A Northern Chorus, Nick Zubeck, Metal Kites, and Valery Gore.

N i c k Z u b e c k:

Nick is a Toronto based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He has released three recordings under his own name, Hiding Out And Laying Low (2003), A Meek Spectacle (2001), and the critically-acclaimed Tracker (2008), and has contributed regularly to a diversity of musical projects including work with Polmo Polpo, Great Lake Swimmers, The Lavender Gloom, and Barzin among others. Nick has been an active performer for years and has toured Europe with Polmo Polpo (in 2004) and Barzin (in 2006, 2008, and 2010).

D a r r e n W a l l:

Darren received his Bachelor of Music degree from Humber College in 2001. He was a doublebass student of Michael Downes and began his schooling in the art of composition and orchestration with Don Thompson. Darren continued his education at the University of Louisville under the mentorship of distinguished jazz composer and arranger John LaBarbera. He completed his Master of Music in 2003. As a professional musician in Toronto and Louisville, Darren has performed alongside Jamey Aebersold, Dennis DiBlasio, Harry Pickens, Delfeayo Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Joe LaBarbera, Jeremy Pelt, Jim Lewis and Kevin Turcotte amongst many others. Darren has written music for small and large jazz ensembles as well as a series of string quartets and one fully realized piece for alto flute and symphonic orchestra. He currently works as a "jobbing" musician in Toronto and composes for corporate advertisements and promotional/ instructional material.

M a r s h a l l B u r e a u:

Marshall Bureau is a professional drummer and drumset educator. His dedication, talent, and taste have led to a variety of creative endeavours. He has collaborated with Toronto based songwriters Nick Zubeck, A Northern Chorus, Erika Werry, and Brian MacMillan, both live and in the studio. He has also played on numerous albums as a session drummer, and touring has taken him across Canada, the eastern U.S. and overseas.

R o b b i e G r u n w a l d:

[keys with: Jill Barber, Everything All the Time, Barzin, Nick Zubeck, Spookey Ruben, Matza Ball Gumbo]


Recipients of a Ontario Arts Council Recording Grant in Popular Music, the Book of Gnomes' is preparing to release their first full-length CD under the name Western Terrestrial, due out in early 2011.

Set List

set one:

Bozuwabu Suite, parts 1 - 5 (25+ minutes)
Skimmer, parts 1 - 5 (25+ minutes)

set two:

ClipArt suite (20 mins)
Stencil Suite, parts 1 - 4 (20+ minutes)