The Book of Law is a group of four young men who have been creatively pursuing music since high school. They've worked along side some of the indie rock industry's finest while doing their best to maintain their artistic integrity.


Despite a laid-back approach, the group was recently discovered by renowned recorder Alex Newport of Metropolitan Sound in Brooklyn, N.Y. Newport's credentials include work with The Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie, The Melvins and Brazil, to name a few. The Book of Law looks to have their recordings with Newport made available by early fall.

"I would consider working and being 'discovered' by Alex a major accomplishment," says Davis. "We're not trying to sell our music to people, necessarily, but we're not going for the 'anti-dollar' either. We're not good salesmen; we're musicians, so having anyone from the industry find us interesting is a huge blessing to us. I can't think of any other producer who would be better suited to record us. We head up there in July, and I've been waiting a long time to go to New York."



Written By: david davis

The people all gather ‘round.
They jump up and down,
Competing with the screaming
Of the engine’s roar.
T-minus-3, T-minus-2, T-minus-1,
And we blast off.

And as we speed through the clouds,
We try to look out,
But all we feel is gravity s-sucking us down.
Our faces are frowned.
Our heartbeats pound,
And we’re all scared as hell tonight.

But we’re holding on to all we know;
Just holding on and we won’t let go.

Just as we break through the line,
We all start to cry.
It appears the laws of gravity no longer apply.
We’re floating around,
Feet off the ground.
This feeling is more than beautiful.

But Houston, radar is down.
We’re all freaking out,
‘cause we feel the angry face of god.
It says, “Your time has run out.
Shut up and lie down.”
And we’re all scared as hell tonight.

But we’re holding on to all we know;
Just holding on and we won’t let go.


November 14th, we released our first EP that has had a modest amount of radio airtime on southeastern college radio stations. It was recorded by Alex Newport in Brooklyn's Greenpoint area. We are currently writing another EP.

Set List

Our typical set depends on the vibe of the venue and what's needed and expected of us. We have played twenty minute sets, and we have also played for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Slaves to Culture
All the Time in the World.
War is God
Wolf pack

We do what's needed for the venue and promoter.