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The Books Elusive @ The Spill

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

The Books Elusive @ NXNE - Holy Joe's

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Books Elusive @ Empty Spaces Show - Venue tba

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

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April 10, 2008


It's not out of the ordinary anymore to see two-piece guitar/drums bands around now that The White Stripes and The Black Keys have set the standard.

The challenge now is to somehow diversify within those musical restrictions, and Toronto's The Books Elusive appear to be doing just that.

Comprised of singer/guitarist Lynne Dubuc and drummer Damon de Szegheo, the band only recently came into existence after the pair decided to shed the drama of previous projects and team up.

Their debut album Per-form packs a lot of this pent-up frustration, while still conveying loads of positive energy required for pure, thrilling rock and roll.

"We actually recorded some songs together a year ago before we ever played a show, which is kind of ass-backwards for most bands'' de Szegheo says.

"Lynne and I both work at a school for recording arts, so it kind of makes sense, and our main priority is to have total control over every aspect of this band.

"I started out in Peterborough 10 years ago working with Three Days Grace and other people, so we know how important that is, as well as how much you have to persevere.''

He goes on to explain that stripping things down to their basic elements was key to how they would leap the many hurdles of the current music business climate.

"Making this band simple and tight is really our concerted effort to push forward as efficiently as possible. Lynne and I both think the same that it's one thing to make art, but it's another thing to actually get it in front of people. In our separate previous bands, we'd always end up carrying somebody, so it's great to not have to worry about that now.''

As for reflexive comparisons to other two-piece acts, de Szegheo appreciates that it's still a fairly new phenomenon but at the same time is adamant about their distinct approach.

"We actually spend a lot of time on the arrangements of our songs, so we're not really what most people would think of as a loose, lo-fi garage rock kind of band.

"We're definitely a punk band in spirit, and a lot of that comes from Lynne's songwriting. Most of Per-form is songs she wrote for her previous band that we rearranged, but we're starting to write together more now.''

With the album released, The Books Elusive have turned their attention to a full summer of touring, with southern Ontario getting to see them first.

For de Szegheo, it's all about blowing audiences away, no matter how large or small.

"Being an indie band in Toronto is so much a fashion thing now, and we just want to play. People tend to forget how much fun that is.

"We yell and scream and sweat on stage, and if audiences aren't into doing that too, then what's the point of being there?''

Those who closely monitor the local scene might detect some similarities between The Books Elusive and highly touted Cambridge two-piece Hot Kid.

In fact, the two bands have shared the stage together and de Szegheo would like to it again.

"We actually did a thing called a Rock Off with them in Toronto where we competed against each other,'' he says.

"We were both on stage at the same time trading off songs, and the audience decided who was better. It was amazing, and I'd love to play more shows with them."

- The Record - Kitchener, ON


The Books Elusive - Per•Form (2008) released on OVERDUE RECORDS
The Books Elusive - Self Titled EP (2006)



“Being a power two-piece has NOTHING to do with being understated, & EVERYTHING to do with knowing exactly who we are and what we want.”

Passionate, fierce and poignantly deliberate - The Books Elusive are a rock band forged for the compact while excessively vivid modern age. To describe this powerful two piece (consisting of Lynne Dubuc on guitar / vocals and Damon de Szegheo on drums) as an indie DIY band is a grotesque understatement. Yes, they play and write, as well as engineer & produce on every facet of their full length CD per•form (released on their own Overdue Record Label). But that in it self is becoming more common - here, it is the question of ‘why’ that is so intriguing.

The normal story is that new rock bands are notoriously under paid and thus must struggle to fashion their wares out of what sometimes seems the eternal void. Where The Books Elusive are concerned, their directive is a conscious choice to reject the notion that a band is nothing until the industry gods -in whatever Faustian form they may take- deem them worthy. As the band’s members are both employed in the music industry it would be simple to walk down old roads. But that is the beauty of their path. Dubuc and de Szegheo see a new way is on the horizon and they want to be front row for all the fun.

Channeling sounds reminiscent of the garage rock era, the raw vitality of Patti Smith, the cheekiness of The Ramones, and the attack of new British punk (ala. The Artic Monkeys) - The Books Elusive both live, and on their record per•form, pound out their spirited rhythm to the beat of new independence. An independence that is all about coming out swinging, demanding your place, and ruthlessly showing them how it’s done.